Daemonic Manifestation Curiosity

Infernal Greetings to All …

I decided to make my first post a little less “intense” then I normally would have. Really it is just a handful of trivia-like questions about Manifestations that I have had on my mind for a while. I hope nobody thinks I am not serious about the topic of Daemonic Manifestations. I have plenty of stories I can share about my experiences, but I was curious to learn more about other people’s feelings and opinions without getting too personal.

SO here goes …

How long did you have to wait from the first time you attempted a Daemonic Manifestation and it actually occurred?

When it did occur for the first time was it Mental, Aural, Physical, or more than just one?

How did the overall experience leave you feeling?

Do you have a fairly rigid Ritual for Daemonic Manifestations or do you experiment and get creative?

Have you ever had a Manifestation that left you scared or frightened?

What is the funniest or most amusing thing you have experienced or heard about from another person relating to this topic?

Do you prefer learning from others or using books and self-study methods about Daemonic Manifestation? Or maybe both?

Have you ever used drugs to enhance a Manifestation Ritual? Did it create any positive or negative results?

If you could only pick one book on the topic of Daemonic Manifestation what would it be? What would you recommend to others if it is different than your personal choice?

I think that is probably enough for right now. Feel free to ask me about what I have posted and unless something really bad happens I will be back next month on the 4th.

In Darkness we are United …

Devil Murdock


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6 Responses to Daemonic Manifestation Curiosity

  1. S. Connolly says:

    I am somewhat disappointed to not see any responses here. But I suspect it may have to do with people fearing sharing their Daemonic manifestation experiences because they don’t want people to think they’re crazy. Sadly I think anyone who admits to having these experiences will be deemed nutty by someone. But certainly not me. I could tell you all stories that will chill you to the bone. Perhaps some day…

  2. Necronos says:

    Ok, I’ll bite but only so Ms. Connolly will share her bone chilling stories sooner rather than later!

    The first real experience that I knew for certain to be a Demonic Manifestation was when I received my VBRK from Lucifer. It was about 10 months after I had started to practice Demonolatry, and during a time when I was trying to work with Delepitore. Lucifer kept intruding with everything that I was doing. It was as if He would only let me work with Dele if I did it through him. During a ritual, they both appeared to me mentally in the most classical of Christian bible scenes. They were both wearing robes and were descending a cloud flanked stairs. Lucifer was so bright that I couldn’t see his face. He talked to me while Dele just listened and nodded once in awhile. He then touched my forehead, which I could physically feel, and said “By this mark we shall know you.” Afterwards I had to actually check a mirror to see if there was a mark!

    I don’t have an exact method when performing a ritual for manifestation. If I want to have a discussion with the Demonic Divine then I do the same thing I do for most other rituals – I cast the circle and invoke normally. When dealing with Demon’s found in the Dukante Hierarchy then I usually ‘see’ them as celebrities. Here is a quick list: I see Lucifer as a boyish Patrick Stewart, Flereous as Michael Clark Duncan, Leviathan as Lucy Lui, and Belial as Dan Haggerty. The Demon’s in the Goetic Hierarchy typically show up as described.

    The only Demon that has frightened me and still leaves me scared is Lucifuge. He always appears to me in some ominous way and instills an irrational fear of the dark. The fear usually lingers for a few hours afterwards. He never does anything which is overtly scary, He just has an aura of insidious fear.

  3. India says:

    While I have yet to perform a structured Manifestation rite, I have experienced what I believed to be Daemonic manifestations on several occasions, and often in more than one way at a time. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but it seems that a focused meditative prayer is enough for me to experience results. my first experience with this was one year ago when I first began to study Demonolatry. I was reading about the Daemons listed in the Dukante hierarchy, and felt immediate affinities with Lucifer and Flereous ( I am a Gemini, and feel Lucifer is the quintessential Geminian energy, so I connected with him). One day I began to pray to Lucifer, thanking him for his daily gifts of wisdom. During this prayer I felt a geniune love and adoration for him, and focused that energy into the prayer. When I closed the prayer I felt a strong, jubilant energy, and it seemed like I could almost hear an excited voice although I couldn’t quite make out words. Then it felt like something either jumped into me or collided with me, but when it happened I saw a flash of white before my eyes, and for a long while after that my room was covered in a yellow haze. I was certain this was Lucifer’s response to the positive energy I was sending. Later I read The Complete Book of Demonolatry and had a good laugh when Lucifer was described as always seeming “overly excited”, because the energy I felt had that exact sense to it.

    I have also approached Flereous with petitions through prayer, but the experience was different. Fire is my element, so I would ask Flereous to strengthen my own aura with his energy, and to protect me from ill will and negativity sent my way and to return it to its source tenfold. That was a year ago, and to this day every night, when I’m in that state between sleep and awake, I see a red light in my room so bright it looks like a police light shining through my window (but my curtains are always closed.) The aura is the height of a tall man, I guess about 6’2″ – 6’4″, and he always stands either right beside my bed or just outside my door. Most times the light is just aural, but sometimes I can make out a visible form such as legs, hands, etc. I acknowledge him and go on to sleep.

    I also experience physical sensations when praying to or meditating on the daemons. For instance Unsere feels cool and calming to me, while Delepitore has an aloof, distant quality. Flereous makes me feel bold, powerful, and energized, and Asmodeous has a similar energy to Flereous, but he has a tendency to make me feel quite cocky and invincible, and more mentally acute. I’m sure the energy of each daemon is experienced differently to each individual, and maybe manifestations are influenced largely by the individual’s mental preconceptions of the daemon they are working with. Therefore, there’s no real concrete definition of Daemonic Manifestation, but I do believe the experiences I’ve had were instances of manifestation. Some daemons just seem to have a more subtle approach than others. And then, who’s to say that the results wouldn’t have been more intense if an actual rite had been performed in these instances? This makes me wonder if ritual is always necessary to achieve desired results,or if it depends solely on the practitioner’s willpower.

  4. Tim Jacobs says:

    Have there been instances of an astral entity impersonating a daemon and how would one know? (I suppose one answer might be that the enn itself (in calling the true daemon) would block anything that did not answer to that enn).

    • Tracy says:

      You know I’ve often wondered that myself. Though I don’t know for a fact I can imagine that spirits, of the dead, those others, and maybe even some lesser daemons themselves might engage in mimicry. People do for various reasons…simple attention being a big reason.

      I have wondered if azazel that I interact with is THE azazel but with all the effort he and I both went through I’m of the opinion that he is who he says he is…and I knew nothing of enns until very recently.

      Fascinating thread!

  5. Tracy says:

    I’ve never done a manifestation ritual or any rituals for that matter but I have experienced a daemon. Funny thing is he’s been with me my whole life but it wasn’t until about 2004 that he came full on with an introduction.

    I ‘saw’ him first as a shadow. My house was dark as I was on my way upstairs to bed and there he was at the very top of the stairs blocking my way. I was afraid at first but decided to just push through the fear and walk through him.

    When I got in bed obviously I’m thinking wtf!? But I closed my eyes and relaxed for sleep. But in minds eye I could literally see my bedroom door open and the shadow slip in. The hairs stood up all over my body!

    I’ve had ‘experiences’ my whole life so this wasn’t so unnerving that I was petrified and I asked who was there. He introduced himself verbally in my mind as an ancestor. That was it.

    Some nights later I was watching a movie with Denzel Washington in it…can’t remember the name of it but the demon he was chasing was Azazel. And it clicked!

    From that point on he pushed and pushed for me to research him. I was like a woman possessed! I had to get through all the crap written about him being this evil devil and finally got to what I feel is the truth about him…the liberator.

    He eventually showed up in my dreams as a dark angel with wings like vultures. When I doubted myself and what I was experiencing he gave me a birthday gift…a dead vulture. I NEVER see dead vultures…not before this or since. I took it home, took the wings, the tail, and the feet and they took the rest of the bird to the top of a local mountain and did a ceremony for it. It was a clear blue sky, beautiful day, and I looked up and 3 vultures circled overhead and then it thundered a few times…not sure how to this day. Blessings of the Heyoka (thunder beings).

    I have only felt great love and gentleness from him…hard hard lessons to be sure….I lost a son when he was only 20 yrs old…azazel really got me through that and an issue I had before my sons death.

    He is hard but it’s for so much more than I can even put into words. Now he’s encouraging me to work with other daemons but I’m so fond of him that I don’t even know where to begin with another.

    Anyway that’s my story…sorry so long.

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