And it burns, burns, burns…

‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash has always invoked, within me, the¬†quintessential¬†feelings of this season of Summer. It is also the song that I hear when I work with Asmodai, which I’ve always felt fitting.

In most cases when working with any of the Demonic Divine, a song, seemingly picked at random from my subconsciousness, becomes strongly associated with that specific Demon. It is only after contemplating the song, and listening to it, ad nauseam, that I begin to see the meanings behind why the song and its importance in our relationship. It is meditation through music.

The sound of music is powerful. It can be raw emotion, born by the feelings of others, that can invoke resonating emotion within you. When it is coupled with to the relationship that you form with a Divine being it will open your ears and harmonize your soul. If you’re not already using music to deepen your relationships with the Demons then I suggest that you give it a try.

And so I ask you to find the songs that are sung when you are close to Demonic. You can work forward from contemplation and mediation about a Demon until you hear the music that truly captures your relationship/feelings/thoughts about that Demon; or you can work backwards by listening to a wide and eclectic range of music and see which Demon gets associated to which song. Make sure to share your discovers in the comments below!


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