I realise that this may not seem to have much to do with demonolatry, and for that I apologise but I believe that if I can get people thinking then my job is done..

For some reason I have been contemplating a lot about the current state of the human cause and its obsession with money and material possessions at the expense of required basics, and the apparent ignorance of what is happening around us.
Gold is now at US$1900 an ounce. Should there be a food shortage, what is now the more important, gold or food ? You can’t eat gold and on
the other hand no one with food would want to exchange their food with your gold.
The London Riots. Nothing acheived at all. No reason apart from breaking into shops and thieving designer goods and plasma tellys.
The planet is changing. Last night we had an 5.9 earthquake in Virginia USA. That is unusual. Approximately 12 or so hours earlier, we
had a 5.3 in Southern Colorado. Also unusual.The worlds weather patterns are not what they should be.The UK has suddenly suffered from 3 cold winters in a row, with no prior warning signs ?The US has suffered one of if not the worse tornado and severe storm seaon in history. Something is not right, and most people have thoughts to this extent, but these are quickly brushed the mat by reassurances that all is well.
We are told that Global Warming is something to be very concerned about. The governments bring in Carbon Footprint taxes to offset Global Warming. How can money offset global warming ? Besides which, Geological records suggest that the earth is cooling, not warming, but this is conveniently sidelined, and money begins to pour in to the government coffers.

I watched a video on youtube recently. The link is below. Watch it and think about what is being said. I would be interested in your thoughts.

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3 Responses to Priorities

  1. Devin says:

    This is a really fascinating post and the video is great.

  2. Tanya Jenkins says:

    It is funny that I found this video on your website because I have just recently found my own awakening myself and that is exactly what I called it. I believe to be true from personal experience that people listen closely when they ask you questions on their own. It is curiosity within ourselves. When someone appears strong and it appears that they are in control of their lives, and it looks like they have all the answers (even thought they don’t)it attracts attention from others who are unhappy in their own lives and wish to seek the same kind of peace/wisdom/understanding. If you sound to overly enthused to share with them then they will start to question what you say and find it not as believable. However, if you DO just give them tidbits it causes them to feel as if they are connecting the dots themselves which is important. I agree with that part of the video. As for the other talk of freemasons and government corruption I believe it is there of course but I’m afraid I don’t know too much on that topic personally or at least enough to base an intellegent opinion for you.

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