Drawing Winners & November Dawns

The Halloween Contest closed at midnight last night. Yours truly was already asleep and I had to work today, but now I’m home and the names have been drawn. Drumroll please…..

For a copy of Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy – Connie K.

For a copy of the hardcover Sigil Altar Book – Damien M.

For a copy of the Grimoire of St. Cyprian – Penny K.

I want to apologize for making a mistake on the drawing. We had a fourth prize. It was one stippled / dot work portrait (head-and-shoulders) of a person or animal done by Laith, one of the artists on our forum.  The winner of that prize was Michael D.

All winners were notified via e-mail of their prizes.

Congratulations to the October winners. For those wondering – there were 51 entries into the Halloween Giveaway Drawing.

Welcome to November. The beginning of the long stretch of cold months ahead. This month our bloggers talk about offerings. So sit back, grab a cup of warm cider, and enjoy November with demonolatry.org. Your source for all things Demonolatry.


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2 Responses to Drawing Winners & November Dawns

  1. Laith says:

    I don’t see a winner for the drawing I was offering.

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