Now is the Time for Atonement

“Of all these things I offer unto you, infernal wisdom waits…” Burt Offerings – Iced Earth

November is when I sit down with the Daemonic Divine and re-evaluate my goal lists. It’s also a time when I tend to make my biggest offerings. Not offerings to the Daemonic directly. I’d like everyone to reconsider the purpose of offering as merely an offering to deity. Instead, try viewing offering as something you give back to The All (and even yourself).

I will often clean out the closets and take my gently used clothing to the shelters or goodwill.  I will buy a bag of groceries for the local food bank. I’ll give money to local charities (including no-kill animal shelters).  These, for me, are the offerings I get the most from. Just knowing I did something that can make someone else’s physical existance a little easier gives me a great sense of warmth.

Now I’m off to place my favorite November offerings on the altar – a melody of winter squash.

I leave this offering here for all of you, my favorite band Iced Earth and their song Burnt Offerings. (Yes, I know it’s a bit dark, but it’s still lovely!)  Enjoy.


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  1. Aaron says:

    May the infernal ones watch over and give you their unholy blessings you this indeed is a good song ^.^
    Ave satanas
    Carpe noctus

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