I often wonder myself if I offer enough. I offer my prayers, thanks. My mind is more on the demons than off them.But still I believe I am mean in my offerings, and apologise for that. I have read that blood is a main offering, and the best way is a small ‘nick’ in the palm of one’s hand. This is all very well, unless you are on warfarin (coumadin) for the rest of your days. Cutting yourself doesn’t seem to be ‘the option of the day’ in these circumstances. So I am having to search for other ideas. The automatic lancets for diabetics seems a good plan.
I offer candles, incense and sometimes food, placed at the base of the statues. The food generally consists of non persihables – maybe some nuts, boiled sweets etc. I know this seems daft, but I am of the opinion that it is the thought behind it and not what it is that counts.
I try to keep the alter tidy (difficult with the cats, who do like the alter for some reason – I do have a statue of Bast and she may be enjoying the company ? Who’s to know). This all counts as the biggest offering I think you can give – your time, effort, thoughts and prayers.

It is quite amazing how many people still think animal sacrifice plays a part on the left hand path, when nothing could be further from the truth. Still, it shows that even in todays so called secular society, the power of the Vatican and other branches of the christian church still permeates and pollutes thought.

Oh yes – I didn’t post last month. Honoring your ancestors. I simply keep gifts presented to me by those that have departed. My grandmother bought me a bed chair. My wife and mother want rid of it. They have been warned in no uncertain terms of what would befall them if they did. I was left some old German antiques by my gran. Wouldn’t dream of selling them. I watched one of these antique programs where the public bring in things they wish to sell. A girl about 17 brought in an 18ct gold bracelet, full of charms. Her dad had bought the bracelet (free of charms) for her as a gift many years ago, and every birthday bought her a charm (18ct gold) to be added to the bracelet. She sold it for £400 to buy a car she can’t drive……. I shall leave it there for now

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