I thought I would take a different approach to “ritual”. Christmas (or Winterval, or The Holiday Season or whatever you want to call it) is here again, and I thought I would write about my rituals at Christmas (I still call it that) and my publish day is 25 December !

Christmas Eve.

First thing, up for breakfast and coffee in my local cafe. Visit some of the shop keepers whom I and friends with and wish them all the best. Usually its then a trip to the supermarket to pick up those final things – bottle of Martini, beer, mixers, presents for the cats, Xmas puddings and Mince pies. Then its home just in time for thos Christmas Specials repeated for the tenth time on telly – still as good as they were first time round. First drink of the season – tea and whiskey. Then its a trip around the neighbours with cards and some bottles. This half hour trip usually last 3 – 4 hours with me returning inebriated (various sherries, beer, whiskey etc). Send the wife off to midnight mass.

Christmas Day.

Up, shower, put pressies under tree. Cup of Christmas tea (same as usual tea except for the added whiskey !). Put some bread out for the birds. All gather round to open gifts. Gifts opened, its time to watch the telly and complain about whats on. More Christmas tea. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, pudding, brandy sauce, more Christmas tea and time fo a nap. Wake up around sixish, more Christmas tea, see what movies are on. Call in to check on elderly neighbour. Feet up for the night with a couple of beers.

Christmas tree is down, together will all the decorations on 27 December.

New Years Eve, its a trip to the chinese take away for dinner. Then its a night in with a few beers. Whether I see the New Year in or not, I’m not really all that bothered to be honest. New Years day, usually a walk around the forestry for some fresh air. Then its back to work.

This for me is standard ritual at Christmas. If the above does not happen, for me it is not the holiday season and I feel out of place.

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