My thoughts on Demonic Possession.

Hello, just starting publishing here, I’d like to take time to greet and thank, both S. Conelly and Co-Bloggers for the space.

I addressed this matter in my personal blog before, though I was remarked a few things that went a bit off topic, so Im going to remake the whole thing.

After a time of practicing magic I can say It is very unlikely that a Daemon in a magical current or a grimoire will just jump into your body unless it has something very important to say or do (Old powerful Genni and Gods have better things to do than messing with your body), it’s also unlikely to stay there for long, in cases of possession I’ve heard are not Daemons as a high spirit, but are random entities that came by some other means the particular cases I can recall:

A friend can personally testify that using the Ouija board (or what I consider the Mystical Chat Roulette) extendedly he found himself out of control of his body, and by mere chance made it out by knocking himself out in the wall near the stairs swinging his head at the first change he got, and one of the local Mystic girls I know told me that she had a friend possessed, in which case it could not be stopped until they give up and started to open their feelings of fraternal love for each other, the other left, which Im not sure if the power of love triumphed that day or only the entity got bored, I think Ouija boards were involved here too.

Now what these cases have in common and most of the cases of spirit possession that I know is when they started to meddle with something that have no kind of protection or filter thusly giving change to entities to jump at them, I have a friend being haunted by a departed ghost and it would seem the dead don’t try to do possession either unless channeled, they are more concerned on being attached to their homes. (Ive never encountered passed away criminaly insane people so not sure if happens)

I’ve never heard of a Magician getting unwillingly or dangerously possessed by a daemon especially if it’s treated with respect, I do know some practitioners have had some things gone dangerously wrong, but not in a possession but in getting unexpected results or having angering the Daemon due disrespect, but if you are specific in what you ask for, avoid disrespect or practicing to satisfy a morbid urge “to see what happens” you should be fine.

Now I have not worked with everything that is out there, but long way practices and grimoires have survived because they have been tested over and over, so if you are starting in your magical path, you might want to start practicing your path within safe grounds before experimenting things that you are not ready to handle.

Blessings of Lucifer

Jadean Lazulli

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