Things I Wish I knew…..

There are so many things I wish I knew, I don’t know where to begin. Things just keep adding to the list, whether I like it or not. A post on this site on possession I was reading not five minutes ago has now raised the question of who are the ‘others’. 

I could argue black is blue over the ideas of knowing things before I set upon my path of occult enlightenment, but if I already knew them, I would not learn anything, and to some extent, I think our purpose here is to learn. Life on the physical plane is very much akin to term time in school, death a schol holiday, then you are reborn to learn some more. So with this idea, I am know faced with the philosophical question of do I really want to know upfront what I am learning through life, and deprive myself of this process ? How much would I want to know ? If I knew everything, what would be the purpose of life in the first place ?

If there was something I would have wanted to know earlier than I did, it would have been the practice of Demonolatry, but at least now I have found it, and looking back, I can say, yes, I did enjoy the experience of searching and trying different things. Looking to the future, I am enjoying contemplating the questions that my search has raised, especially who are the ‘others’.

A phrase from one of my favorite films “thinking and working things out for ourselves is the one true freedom we have.” Don’t give up that freedom by wishing to know everything upfront.

Bonus prize points if you can guess the film !!

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