It’s been a strange month this month. Some things have hit home alarmingly hard. Earlier this month, a message came around my work place advising us of a voluntary redundancy package. I joked that I might go for it. I was told that if I was fourteen years older I could have, and probably got it ! Fourteen years and I am on the scrap heap – it seems like anly a second agao I was just finishing school. I wondered where all the time had gone and what I had achieved and what else there was left to do.

It can be very interesting to reflect on what has past and what you have achieved. For me, this included getting my black belt, degree, PhD in Relativity Theory, heart surgery, marriaged etc.

I thought carefully about my furry companions that chose to spend their little lives with me – Sheba, Loki, Little One, Arthur, Rambo, H, Smith, Wesson, Conan. Their company was so much appreciated.

Then I set about listing what I still wanted to do. After listing these things, I relisted them in order of what was practical against my personal preferences – you have to be brutal here – there is no point in letting heart rule head in the practicality list. I now have my goals set for the next year or so, and have set about making steps to achieve them.

What am I waffling on about ? Sometimes it is good to stop, think and reflect. How it will affect you is for you to decide. For me, the shock of how time has past, essentially without me noticing, has spurned me on to getting things done.

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