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Yes, it’s Angie’s day, but looking at the rest of the bloggers it appears that maybe Angie won’t be posting either. So here I am in her stead to apologize for being a slacker and not posting this month.

Truthfully I had a wonderful blog planned out. I did. I was going to write about  connecting with the Daemonic during orgasm as a catalyst to manifestation.  I didn’t get very far. I began writing…

Yeah, it’s a mouthful. This is actually something I’ve written about in Grimorium Daemonolatrie, so to see more of my thoughts on  this topic you may have to wait for the book to come out. In the meantime, I’ve been seriously considering the act of sex magick. We can literally look at it as the energy created by sensation and the endorphins released in the brain during orgasm. That release can be transformed into a surge of potent energy that, if directed properly, can help the magician manifest the desired result whether that end goal being to create a servitor, charge and item, or come closer to a state of gnosis. Whatever the goal, it can sometimes be the connection that’s hardest to make and maintain during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Clearly it’s easier to focus when you’re the sole practitioner because you only have yourself to worry about. With a partner you do have to worry about their own connection and focus, but presumably if your partner is dedicated and focused to the end-goal, you can trust them enough to fulfill their role. This is why it’s not wise to attempt sex magick with an unknowing participant (yes, I know people who have done this!).  All of the energy of orgasm needs to be released and then directed immediately. One of the more…
And as you can see, it appears as though I was interrupted and never finished writing the article.  So just for fun, what do you think the next line will say? Post your answers in the comments below. Feel free to have fun with it or feel free to cuss me out for not completing the post. 🙂   Catch you all on the flip-side.
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