Meditation Opportunities

This month I am going to write about the varying opportunities that meditation offers us, and how taking advantage of those opportunities can influence almost every aspect of our lives, from the mundane to the magical.

Meditation offers us many things. Even simple meditations involving nothing more than stilling the mind are more valuable than most people think. The ability to quiet the mind and remain calm under stress is an invaluable skill, something that even elementary meditations can help instill. When clarity of the mind is achieved, choice is allowed to replace blind reaction, and meditation is also a wonderful tool that helps promote a mental atmosphere that is conducive to making sound choices.

Another opportunity that meditation presents us, is that of practice. Meditation is a major opportunity for every day magical practice and development outside of the ritual space or magic circle. Visualization, breath control, chants and incantations, the raising and directing of energy; All of these things can be researched, employed, and practiced on a daily basis through meditation. This practice conditions us for magical success. Through meditation, we learn to raise larger  and more powerful amounts of energy. We are more capable of programming and directing that energy, due to the mental clarity and discipline accrued through daily practice. And we are equipped with the psychic and spiritual tools to be successful, because meditation  teaches us to unlock and empower them. I believe meditation to be the number one precursor to magical success.

Also, in my opinion, meditation is mankind’s truest form of prayer. It is through meditation that we learn of ourselves. Of our own bodies, minds, and souls. And through the development and mastery of ourselves, we unlock the potential to truly speak to the Gods, and in turn, the universe itself.




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2 Responses to Meditation Opportunities

  1. SableRosaMelChaiZeDek says:

    Hmm… What a nice article you have there. It definitely covers everything special about meditation. However, I feel that magick is best and most efficient if we don’t use a “focused” mind. Chaos is somehow magick. Our brains focus better when it’s chaotic. Such as our… rageful and animalistic ways. And, mind you all, but I’m not saying anything bad about the human race. Simply, magick is much, much better when our minds are chaotic and unfocused. Our thoughts come in direct ways when we feel POWER, negative OR positive. For, POWER is chaos. POWER is calmness. Chaos is everyThing. Just nice thinking right there. I don’t planne on intruding on anything or even stomping on this Article. But, it is a good thing to think about. Mind you, I am actually ignorant as to how Magick truly works. I’m just grabbing this out of My Third Eye chakra. 😉

    This article is well-written, too. It’s good in the most concise way and has perfect depictions of Magick, as sayeth by a Goetick God. Thank you for reading this.

    I serve to Enlighten.

    -Sable Rosa MelChaiZeDek

    • Frank says:

      Sable, I can tell from your comment that you’re very new to this and inexperienced. While some people may find themselves better suited to chaos, the reality is most people use meditation to learn how to quiet the mind and to teach them both patience and discipline, two key elements to effective magic.

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