Moving Meditation

I want to take a few moments to talk about tai chi, yoga, walking, and raking your yard – all while breathing. When we think of meditation, how many of us think of meditation cushions, bells, gongs, yogis sitting in lotus position, and being calm and still?

Not as many people stop to think about moving meditation. Moving meditation is that point when, as you move, you are completely aware of your breath and your body, and that’s exactly what you’re thinking about. You may find yourself completely immersed in your walk or exercises or cleaning and not even realize that you’ve stopped thinking about your jerk of a boss or your cousin’s snotty remark at the family reunion. This is moving meditation. We’ve all done it whether we realize it or not.

Are you a cleaner when you’re pissed? Then you’re probably doing moving meditation. Are you a gardener who can get lost in his plants for hours? You’re practicing moving meditation. I’ll do it when raking leaves. There comes a point where there is nothing but you, the rake, the leaves, the bag – and the task at hand — getting the leaves in the bag. I always feel a lot better, more whole and complete, after a moving meditation session. It’s like taking a time-out from your life.

It’s about being present in the physical world as a physical being and not being distracted by the mental.

I think that’s something most Western schools of magick neglect. Many of us are so busy trying to connect with the spirits and ascend our minds from the physical that we neglect to be mindful of our physical existence and how divine that can be. ¬†For those yearning for that connection to all that is and yearning to experience the Daemonic (divine intelligence), try burying your hands wrist-deep in soil while planting a garden, listening to nature as you walk, or dancing in the rain.

Sometimes it’s good to drop the to-do list and stop thinking about the things we’re always thinking about. Sometimes it’s good to just be.

What’s your moving meditation?

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2 Responses to Moving Meditation

  1. Ryan says:

    I know what you mean. My moving meditation is when I go for a long run, 2 plus hours.

  2. Andrea says:

    I do the same while run/walking. I will even turn off the Ipod and just listen to the wind, the birds, and the trees..

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