September Babble

It was a free choice this month about what to talk about, and I know I am late with this, but it has been a busy time. This month I apologise for not discussing Demonolatry, and deviating onto ethics etc.

I am of the opinion that the human race has lost its direction in development. Ethically, we treat animals with disgrace, we treat the third world with disgrace, and we treat mother earth (for want of a better term) with disgrace. All those in charge are interested in is making money. That is it. It doesn’t matter what hardships are enforced on those not in positions of power. Neither does it matter what irreversible damage is done to the planet. Just as long as profit is made and the shareholders are kept happy, then that’s alright and all is fine.

The hunger for material possessions has hit an all time high. The more we have, the more we want. We have people sitting outside Apple stores for 5 days (if not longer) waiting to be the first to buy an iphone 5 while at the same time people are having to sell their possessions to cover medical expenses for ill relatives. We pour money into third world countries via organisations like Save The Children etc. If saving the children was so important, then why do they pay their chief executive what they pay him – circa 120,000 US$. Governments spend billions on foreign aid, yet none of the money goes to help the general populous. Rather it tends to find itself spent on arms (generally bought from arms dealers approved, if not owned by the very governments who gave them the foreign aid money in the first place). Its all a complete sham.

The same goes for the so called idea of western democracy – total sham. The freedoms that we in the west are allowed are simply present to divert our attention from what is really going on. Do we really have any influence on what happens ? I don’t think so. Even though we are allowed some degree of free speech, it is not as free as once thought. We have to be VERY careful what we say or put up on facebook. You are allowed to have your own opinion, providing it agrees with the  government approved opinion on the subject currently in favour at the time you make your opinion. Examples include immigration, gay marriage, illegal wars etc. Dr Kelly in the weapons of mass destruction court case is a prime example.

That’s enough from me. I would be interested to know what other peoples thoughts are.

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3 Responses to September Babble

  1. Martin says:

    Really enjoyed this post. I believe you hit the nail on the head. Our current liberties and “freedoms” are dependent on how far we try to push those liberties and freedoms. Sit in your house and be unhappy all you want, but as soon as you attempt to enact some kind of change, the hammer comes down. Nothing in this country will change while the machine is allowed to run as it always has, with money lubricating the cogs and gears. As soon as the money is no longer there, the cogs and the gears go dry, and eventually freeze up. Only when this occurs, will change HAVE to happen, because those operating the machine will no longer be able to make it work. A government without money to spend, is a government that cannot operate. The next American revolution will not be a SECOND one, but it will be a Re-Revolution. “Second” implies a difference in the cause and method of revolution, but that is not what we will have. Our next revolution will begin when the populace of this country no longer allow their money to be taxed by a (might as well be) foreign power that has no concern about the needs and welfare of the people who actually make up this country. This is the exact same reason why the Americans of 1776 declared independence. They tried to work within the system, they pleaded for fairer treatment by their government, and they were eventually forced to withhold the money that kept things running, and through that act, their revolution had begun. We will not be creating history when our time comes, we will only be reliving it. That is why it will be a re-revolution, instead of a second one.

    (I am actually currently working on my next book, American Re-Revolution, hopefully to be released soon after Paths to Satan.)

  2. Mystic Mike says:

    I agree with you on many things, Yet I spent 10 plus years of my life attempting to awaken the Sheeple. It can not be done. Not as log as they have a full belly and the remote control.
    Change has never come about by voting or other means unless you are willing to take a generational change. Like Equality. it is pushed down our throats, offspring to offspring. Let Rome Burn, I believe I am prepared for the inevitable.

  3. Sentinel says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Its reassuring sometimes to post something and get some good replies, especially when those replies agree with me 🙂
    I am unsure on how much longer the west can ontinue in its present state, but in cannot be that long. Things are now on a knife edge (and a very sharp edge at that) in so many European countries – Spain, Italy, Greece – and those are just the honest ones who have put their hands up and said – hey guys, we got problems. You have to then deal with the dishonest ones, who say they have no problem – the US and UK to name but two.

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