Yuletide Blessings

That time of year is upon us again. Many of us of course do not celebrate christmas. I do funnily enough, since the family would think it odd if I withheld. They do not complain about my beliefs so I so no reason why I should not return the favour and join in the spirit of goodwill. There are some people of course who buy an extra jar of Bah Humbugs at this time of year, lock themselves away with a determination to be the most unpleasant and unforgiving people. And, this comes to my topic of discussion. Are we generally more pleasant and forgiving around this time of year ? Do we all exchange gifts ? What gifts do we exchange ? Do we see this as a ‘non optional social convention’ to borrow a phrase, or are we genuine regarding our goodwill and forgiveness ?

This year, as a gift for myself, I didn’t go out and get myself an IPad, or IPhone, new motorcycle. No. I went and adopted a ten year old tabby cat, who was found wandering as a stray after being abandoned. He was flea ridden and suffered from an excema type reaction to the fleas. Despite what he has been through, he is the most trusting little soul. He appreciates everything. A fluffy cushion. Company. A lap to sleep on. His breakfast in the morning. Everything we take so much for granted, little Rufus is so so grateful for. Maybe we can learn something from him ?

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