Old Grimoires in Modern Times

First off, apologies that this is two days late. Work ‘difficulties’ ! Please forgive me.

In today’s modern times, very few are interested in the ‘old sciences’ as I would call them. In exactly the same way that very few people today have the requisite knowledge to fix a broken steam engine, very few people today have any requisite knowledge on how to ‘fix’ difficulties with the occult and spirit world. Back in the 18-19 hundreds, when steam was the main power supply, there were many steam engineers and hopefuls wanting to get into area. Knowing about steam engineering in those days was a guaranteed source of income. With so many hopefuls, entry standards for training were high and strictly applied. What is he muttering on about I hear you say ?

Go back in time, to an era when sorcery, magic and the spirit world were very much believed. Nearly everything that went wrong was the doing of evil spirits, especially (even up to today) in Islam, where the Djinn were blamed. If you knew how to ‘fix’ these problems, you were in demand. You had to be careful though – admitting knowledge of this material in those days could have easily caused problems such as being burnt at the stake or worse. Anyhow, in many cultures, those with knowledge were in demand, much like our steam engineer. Hopefuls seeking training had to be tested in someway as to their suitability. The holders of the knowledge therefore had to find someway to protect it from all but only the most dedicated of seekers. How to do that ? Make it so bloody complicated and off putting that most couldn’t be bothered starting.

A classic example of this is The Lemegeton or as we all know it The Lesser Key of Solomon. A first glance at this is enough to put anyone off. Robes, circles, commanding demons with threats of intimidation. No thanks !

First off, how do you intimidate a demon ? Secondly, would you try ? What would be the reprisals if your intimidation didn’t work ? Then you’ve got all the rituals to contend with. How much of this is actually required ? How much s this is simply to put off all but the most dedicated ?

Modern grimoires certainly do not have the atmosphere of the old grimoires, but you must admit that the material is a lot more accessible. Magic and the occult is no longer believed in today in most ‘western’ cultures. Is is no longer feared. That is why I can buy a copy of The Lemegeton in my local bookshop as easy as a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, without fear of being burn’t at the stake. There is a slow movement returning to the old ways, which is made much easier by the very few seekers. Material is easy to understand, with very little in the way of ritual. Interestingly, the old ways tend to seek you out, and not you seeking them out.

Alchemy is now essentially defunct thanks to modern science, but yet so many of its teachings hold true and are applicable in todays world.

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