Keys of Ocat is Available!

SONY DSCThe Keys of Ocat reveals the never before published Saturn rites, seals, and theophantic gate opening rituals of Ocat, the abyssal gatekeeper of the dead. Behind His gates dwell the Daemons of death including Euronymous, Balberith, Bune, Hekate, Frucisierre, and many others. These blood magick rituals, talismans and seals will aid the advanced magician in conjuring Daemons to speak with the dead, commune with death, and discover the true meaning of mortality and spiritual immortality. Be forewarned, however, Ocat is not known to be a friendly gatekeeper to all magi who approach Him, and the Daemons behind His gates are some of the most terrifying of their nature.

Both editions of The Keys of Ocat are 6″x9″, heavy cream, smythe sewn, archival quality paper. The LIbrary Edition, in only 450 copies, is bound in Red cloth and has gold foil stamping while the Deluxe Edition is bound in Red Leather with a shallow embossing of a necromantic formula on the cover. The Deluxe Edition, limited to 200 copies, contains a silver place marker ribbon and each one was autographed by the author.

There will also be a Funerary Temple Edition bound in full red Goatskin by a noted artisan binder. The price of these is yet to be determined as the publisher has just had them commissioned.

The Standard Editions and Funerary Temple Edition are both SOLD OUT!  The Deluxe Edition, however, still has copies available!


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S. Connolly is the author of *The Complete Book of Demonolatry* as well as many other titles.

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