Enter July

This month our bloggers talk about the spiritual vs. the magickal. Which part of their practice is more important to them? Why?

As always, feel free to participate in the discussion. We’re always looking for new bloggers so if you’re a Demonolater and you would like to blog here, be sure to contact me at demonolatry.org@gmail.com and we’ll talk. Our bloggers regularly rotate due to to time constraints.

Remember bloggers, that if you haven’t blogged in six months, that gives me the green light to remove you from the schedule. Thanks so much for your participation. Together we make this site more informative!

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2 Responses to Enter July

  1. Mallary says:

    I’m excited to hear people’s opinions on this topic. I have had similar conversations with people recently and was surprised at how many different views on it there are. I have always felt the two are very different while still being connected. I know that my spirituality is a constant part of life while my magical workings can be draining at times and I find I need a break from the action so to speak. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Bethany says:

    For me, magick is a spiritual discipline, like study and meditation. As I see it, the gods taught us magick so we could take part with them in the running of the universe. Kind of like a mother teaching her children how to cook, so they could work with her preparing dinner. It is a bonding and educational experience. When I saw how well my spells went, and I could theoretically get anything I wanted, I had to think about what was the really important things in life. Wealth and power was nice to have, but friends, family, love, wisdom and spiritual growth were far more important things to pursue.

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