This month’s topic has been debated by online groups, forums, and organizations for years, and will probably continue to be debated for quite some time. Very few ideas or concepts within the occult field are as hotly contested or argued over, and I believe that to be due to the personal attachments and feelings people develop over time for their own Matron, Patron, or Guardian (MPG), depending on how you want to label them. These attachments and personal feelings evoke emotional responses on the subject, rather than logical arguments.

Personally, I believe a MPG to be a Demon that a person has a connection with. Whether it is historical, meaning a history with that particular Demon in past lives, familial, or even simply spiritual, this connection cannot be “replaced” by another Demon. But that does not mean a MPG cannot change. And it also doesn’t mean that the Demon a person believes to be their MPG, really is. It is simply a connection, a link. And so if a person spends time and energy building a relationship with a Demon, over time they can create the same kind of connection, essentially adding another MPG. This isn’t something that happens overnight, nor is it something that can be done with any Demon.

Many people have this strange notion that they can have only one Demon they work with regularly, and that Demon would have to be their MPG. This isn’t necessarily the case. Demons have their own areas of expertise, and their own realms of knowledge. One of the greatest gifts we as people have been given is the ability to contact and work with these Demons. And as a person’s life progresses, their interests and priorities change, meaning it would be only natural that the Demons they work with and learn from would change as well. This should not be a cause for alarm, for anyone. A Demon is not going to get “jealous” or “upset” because someone forges a relationship with another Demon. I’m not sure they would even be capable of such a response. But what I am sure of, is the positive results that can be achieved through working with and learning from Demons. As many Demons as possible, as often as possible. They all have something to each, and we all have something to learn.


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