Daemonic Dreams

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Available now in Kindle ebook with paperback following soon!

Behind the gates of sleep, await the daemons of dreams. Are you ready to meet them? We spend a third of our lives asleep. During that time, we naturally enter the meditative states many of us struggle to achieve when awake. Take back those hours and learn to recall your dreams better, plan what you want to dream in advance, and even control the very fabric of your dreams themselves. Figure out how to interpret dreams without a dream dictionary. Inside this book, you’ll also find rituals to the gods and daemons of Sumer, Egypt, and Greece, as well as the Ars Goetia, the Grimorium Verum, and the Dukanté hierarchy. Spells are included for both those who suffer from bad dreams and those who want to send their enemies nightmares.

Written specifically for Daemonolaters! Contains six never seen before sigils and enns!

Kindle: ebook 4.99 available now

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About William Briar

William Briar discovered Paganism through Wicca in his early teens and has studied everything from ceremonial to pop-culture magick in the thirty years since. He specializes in shamanic journey-work and is the author of Daemonic Shamanism, available now. He is an Initiate of the Temple of Atem, where he is a member of the clergy team. Will paints and plots for a living, with the majority of his work published in the science fiction and horror genres. He often burns finished art ritualistically, making no prints whatsoever. It keeps his relationship with his muse—and with his gods—fresh and exciting. Connect with William and keep up with his spiritual writing onFacebook at https://www.facebook.com/thebrassvessel.

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  1. AttendingTheSabbat says:

    Will there be a physical version of this?

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