The bosses told me eventually I was going to have to put up a FAQ and I got away with not having one for a year. But then there was that one person who went and ruined it for everyone so now we have a FAQ.

Who can blog on this site?   This site was created for members of The GenDem Group, GenDem Solitary, and other long-term Solitaries who have been part of the online community for some time. This site is overseen by the SGD/GDG Council. That means that we do monitor content. It’s not a free for all. All of our bloggers are established practicing Demonolaters who have been active in the community at least a few years. This is how we ensure the website remains for the people it was created for. This means we won’t have non-Demonolaters with regular blogs on here.

Outsiders have told us this is cult-like behavior. We do not apologize for this. This website is, in part, about offering educational resources to a community of like-minded individuals. If that is a cult, then it’s probably not the website for you. We’ve never made any bones about this being a GenDem Group site and we never will. It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

Is this website about research, science, and philosophy? This site was not created as an academic website.  Don’t expect it to be.

Does the GenDem Group, DB Publishing, or Official Melissa have anything to do with Michael Ford or any other LHP, Luciferian, or Satanic author? No. The only authors whose work we are currently promoting on this website and who have ANY relation to the GenDem Group, DB Publishing, or Official Melissa are M. Delaney, Ellen Purswell, J. Thorp, William Briar, Martin McGreggor, and S. Connolly (Audrey Brice and S. J. Reisner).  In all fairness, S. Connolly is the driving force behind DB Publishing and Official Melissa and she edits books for the other named authors. If you don’t like that, you probably shouldn’t be here. She is our official scribe and publisher.

Is this website about OFS or S. Connolly? No. Though OFS is a member group of The GenDem Group and S. Connolly is a member of both OFS and GenDem and she is a former member of the GenDem council. While OFS and S. Connolly were the initial owners of this website, they handed it over to The GenDem Group back in 2011. Please try to keep up.

Is this website a cult of personality centered around S. Connolly? If you’re a critic, probably. If you’re not, probably not. My advice? Take what’s useful to you and leave the rest. No one requires you to like S. Connolly, not even her. But at the same time we won’t tolerate anyone trying to publicly air their personal dirty laundry here with any of our bloggers. That includes S. Connolly. By unfounded I mean people who come to this site specifically to stalk our bloggers and try to start crap with them publicly. This is not the forum for that. Keep that childish bullshit to yourself or between you and the blogger in private e-mail.

Is this website about debating Demonolatry? No, it’s a free educational website. Look, I don’t mind the free exchange of ideas among Demonolaters (since that’s what this site is all about) as long as no one is calling anyone names. The minute the mudslinging starts all bets are off.  This is not a debate forum about religion or a place for anyone’s public drama. If you want that there are a hundred other places on the internet you can go.

This should cover it. If it doesn’t let me know.





5 Responses to FAQ

  1. Randall says:

    Is there any books you have or know of that would help one know how to properly communicate
    and interact with Demonic familiars ?

  2. KZ says:

    I am trying to get into contact with High Priest Aramon.

    Thank you.

  3. Chadwick baer says:

    I would like to know of how to begin or become an initiate

  4. Scott Kitchen says:

    hello there,my name is Scott I have a couple or more questions for any who can answer. First,I am a self proclaimed Satanist since I was about 14, 1 month ago I completed a dedication in private. I just recently found and read Lavey satanic bible, I am reading the red king, read the Queen of hell, half way through the Necronomicon which is the very first demonic book I ever bought. Also have a few other grimoires and a demonic bible (recently purchased)and other satanic bibles. I stopped working with the book a long time ago, my watcher has followed me for 22 years(a forgotten companion) 2 years ago my sister tells me she asked her angels to keep him locked in her closet because she kept seeing his shadow around me and the house and gave me shit over it. I asked her spirits to release him but ended up with scratches on my left shoulder(punished for leaving him there I believe). i am still very much interested in destroying the block and releasing the demon! Please give me some advice so I may help myself with this issue, I have not done any ceremonies or rituals or prayers for the last 24 years and am not about to do so while my sister is home or near the house( I don’t think she knows i’m travelling the LHP) Very hard to do what I need to while she is around. Any advice would be much appreciated thank you for your time.

  5. Stuart says:

    I have a limited first edition (number 26 of 100 copies) of Modern Demonolatry published 1999 by Darkerwood I would like to sell, can anyone give advice on how would be best to go about this please?

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