And Throw in the Kitchen Sink

People seem to fall into two distinct categories when it comes to magickal work: go with the minimal approach and focus on obstacles incrementally or throw everything at the problem and its obstacles and hope something sticks.

This issue extends to the popular push to work with multiple daemons at once. If one or two daemons would be good then 8 plus must be better! Then these same people come and complain that nothing is happening and they ask if working with more daemons would help things get moving.

Maybe its just me, but I like things to be simple, or at least as simple and straightforward as possible. When you start adding in too many variables and daemons you stand the chance of either A) not getting the result that you want because your focus was not where it needed to be, or B) getting knocked on your ass because there was too much happening energy wise.

This same issue of more being better is also seen in the practice of non Trad/Gen Daemonolators picking both a Matron and a Patron. The saying “you can’t serve two masters” comes to mind. Yes, I know that we will have relationships with other daemons but that isn’t the same as the bond you have with your Patron or Matron.

If your magick isn’t working and you have been using the throw everything at it approach, it might be time to narrow down your focus, determine what obstacles need to be addressed first, and then take a more targetted approach. Chances are you will get better results and have closer relationships with the daemons you choose to work with.

1 thought on “And Throw in the Kitchen Sink

  1. Christine Filas

    Thank you for the Matron/Patron explanation! I always thought something was wrong because I never had a Matron. Now it makes perfect sense, thank you so much!

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