Another Little Soldier…

My inspiration for this month’s post comes from, of all things, a T.V. show. I don’t watch a lot of T.V., but I do have a few shows that I watch regularly, one of which being Boardwalk Empire. In one of the last episodes I watched, a seven year old was undergoing the catechism. He had his first confession and at the end of the episode he posed for a photograph. He was garbed in altar boy robes, and he held a candle and a cross in his hands. The last words spoken were the photographer’s: “Another little soldier in God’s army.”


While it may have only been a T.V. show, this scene highlights a major contrast between the fundamental beliefs of Satanism and other mainstream religions, namely Christianity. While it preaches peace and tolerance (towards those they agree with), Christianity also employs a policy of active, obligatory conversion. Couple this with compulsion and coercion through fear, and the result is our current Christian landscape. People so unquestioning and positive in their “correctness” that any means justifies the end result of another soul “saved.” People not willing, but proud to enlist their children as little soldiers in God’s ever-growing army. And for a belief that is supposedly all about peace and love, this enormous army of troops is quite active waging wars economically, socially, and sometimes even physically. Every Sunday, churches across the world declare war on Satan and all those loyal to him. They condemn the agents of Satan as vile and despicable beings that must be conquered at all costs.


Now, I’m a pretty busy guy, Satanically-speaking. I run a website catering to Satanists and occultists. I blog and write in order to spread awareness about true Satanism. I fight misconceptions at any opportunity and try to live my life by the philosophies and ideals that Satanism represents. By any measure, I could be considered an “agent of Satan”, and I would be proud to call myself so.

I am also a pretty damn normal guy. I work a day job, I read books, I watch T.V., and I hang out with friends. I love my wife and our furry little kids.

But apparently for these heinous deeds, I am to be perpetually at war with the forces of “good.”

For the wickedness and corruption that I spread whilst munching Cheetos and geeking it up at home, I am to be labeled as an enemy. As an adversary, if you will.

And I am perfectly fine with that, because to me there could be no greater praise.

They can raise their good little soldiers for God’s army, and we can raise good little thinkers for Satan’s family, and I don’t think anyone needs psychic abilities to see who benefits there.


Ut Servo Diabolus!

2 thoughts on “Another Little Soldier…

  1. Patrick

    Really appreciated your article. I would rather be a thinker any day.

    Hey, you mentioned running a website. I love and also look for other quality sites. Could you tell me where I can find the one you run? (If you don’t want to post it, could you email it to me?)


    1. Martin Post author

      Glad you liked it! Sorry for the delay in the response. You can find a link to my website on my author bio. I try not to throw too many links around on here. If you have any questions or need any more information, there are several contact methods on the website. Thanks again for the interest!



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