Ashtaroth for Divination

Astaroth, Astarte, Astoreth — all of them just some of the spellings for the Grand Duke of Hell, Priestess of Friendship and Divination, and Goddess of War and Love.

Ashtaroth is one of the gentler Daemons to work with, and is both patient and kind to those new to the practice (YMMV). Because she is also a rather versatile Daemonic force, she can be worked with in many situations and applications, one of them being divination.

You may be wondering why I’m bringing up Divination and Ashtaroth as a topic… because this is the month most people start making plans and doing divinations for the coming year!

Blessing certain Divination tools in the name of Ashtaroth and consecrating them to her will imbue the devices with more energy to help you see further and more clearly.

Making your own divination devices always makes them more potent.

Divination Tool Suggestions

Ashtaroth Pendulum Board

Dukante Sigil Deck

Additional Resources

Drawing Down Belial – S. Connolly

Sigillum Diaboli – S. Connolly

Demonic Divination – J. Thorp

Daemonic Dreams – William Briar

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