Ask a Daemonolatress – Safety, What you Get, and Fixing Problems

Here were this month’s top three questions! (Got each one multiple times from different people.)

Can Daemons Help Fix my problems?

The answer to all our problems is not outside ourselves. We all like to believe that’s the case, because then we don’t actually have to do anything to change our situation.  We can blame it on whatever scapegoat seems convenient. Christianity has been doing this for years and it’s worked for them (for the most part). The problem about being in denial though, and blaming everyone except oneself, is eventually that same pattern is going to repeat over and over again until you correct it, or die. Whichever happens first. So while Daemons can HELP you fix your problems, chances are it won’t come without a great deal of self-work.

How can Daemons be beneficial to me?

New people often ask me what the “benefits of the path” [of Daemonolatry] are. As if I’m a Daemonolatry broker vying for their patronage, or spirituality is just like picking the right 401K package. What each person finds beneficial in working with Divine Intelligence is a personal and unique thing. So when they write, asking me to convince them our path is the right one for them, to sell them Daemonolatry, I often refuse. It’s not my job to “recruit” people to this path. It either calls a person or it doesn’t. My advice here is always read, research, really figure out what you believe and why before jumping into ANY spiritual paradigm or practice. And ask yourself what YOU think Daemonic wisdom in your life can do for you. That’s not my question to answer.

Is Daemonolatry Safe? Is Daemonic Magick Safe?

Is getting in your car and driving to work “safe”?  Is fucking without a condom safe? Is chopping vegetables in the kitchen safe? Nothing in life is guaranteed to be safe. So if you’re looking for a completely safe spiritual practice – look elsewhere. Results vary from person to person. It may be safe for ME to work with XXX Daemon, but it may not be safe for you.  I generally tell people Ashtaroth is a relatively safe Daemon to work with, and any time I say that I receive the chastising response, “Ashtaroth kicked my ass! He’s not a nice or safe Daemon.”  So if you’re looking for safe, try a petting zoo, though even domesticated animals will bite if they’re annoyed.

3 thoughts on “Ask a Daemonolatress – Safety, What you Get, and Fixing Problems

  1. Edobor

    I Have Been In Seach Of A Path That Can Solve My Problem Which Are Pilling Up Everyday Can I Trust This? Please Help

    1. S. Connolly

      Well, remember that magick isn’t a quick fix to anything. Magick is, many times, a method to help you gain insight and opportunities to solve your problems, but you have to be actively trying to solve problems in the real world, too. Very rarely will magick drop anything easy, neat and tidy into your lap.

  2. Mario Rodriguez

    Prayer cord.
    I made something like an satanic rosary fitted with 108 clear plastic rings and an star like made of polished wire, can I use it as an prayer cord? Or if not, How can I make a prayer cord? I mean what materials should I use?


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