August 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to the August Tarotscope! 

Daily divination supports all my other spiritual practices. Because of this, I feel I need a decent copy of the original Rider-Waite Tarot with artwork by Pamela Colman Smith. Unfortunately, some prints currently available are blurry, with a good deal of detail either lost or fuzzy. 

One of the nicest reproductions on the market today is the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, a playing card-sized deck that comes in a small tin from US Games Systems. Virginijus Poshkus recolored Smith’s classic artwork to add richness and depth to the 2D images. Clearly printed and brightly colored, the cards themselves possess a slick, laminated feel for ease of shuffling (and cleaning). Although brief, the accompanying pamphlet provides enough upright and reverse meanings to aid beginners in interpreting the cards and refresh the memories of more experienced readers. The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot makes an excellent day-to-day deck for both casual and professional readers, and its sturdy tin means you don’t need an extra bag to carry it with you. This deck has a place of honor in my arsenal. 

On to August’s cards.

The Sun – The card for All Signs in August. On the left, the Rider-Waite Pocket Tarot. On the right, the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, recolored by Virginijus Poshkus. Note the additional depth and richness.

All Signs – The Sun – Rejoice! The Sun shines on all signs of the zodiac in August. Your hard work pays off this month, leading to success and recognition from others. Take a moment to celebrate yourself and your achievement. You have earned this period of harmony and contentment; it’s all right to enjoy its rewards. 

Top Row: Aries – 9 of Wands, Taurus – Knight of Cups Reversed, Gemini – 6 of Wands Reversed, Cancer – 4 of Pentacles Reversed, Leo – Ace of Cups, Virgo – Emperor Reversed. // Bottom Row: Libra – 3 of Cups, Scorpio – Temperance Reversed, Sagittarius – 2 of Swords, Capricorn – Kings of Wands, Aquarius – 5 of Wands Reversed, Pisces – Death.

Aries – Nine of Wands – August brings the relief of a ceasefire, Aries. The tension of recent months has worn you down, but you can take this brief break to refresh your energy and tend to your wounds. Yet stay on your guard. The truce you are in may not be what it seems. Be wary of possible deception and trickery.

Taurus – Knight of Cups Reversed – A new opportunity rocks the boat this month, Taurus. While it inspires your creativity, it also pushes you towards emotional depths previously unexplored. Now is not the time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Turning over this card reversed advises you to keep your newfound feelings to yourself until you understand them better.

Gemini – Six of Wands Reversed – August makes you worry about the downside of success. Others expect more from you now, but try to consider that as an investment in your future. Keep an eye on your overall potential and growth instead, even as the pressure increases. More awaits you in the months to come.

Cancer – Four of Pentacles Reversed – There’s a large difference between being thrifty and outright greedy, Cancer. Do you want all the accolades and all the stuff? The Four of Pentacles reversed emphasizes that you can’t have everything. Your challenge this month is learning to share. In August, you must coexist peacefully with those physically and emotionally in your space.

Leo – Ace of Cups – The world overflows with blessings and positivity this August. Do not let this chance pass you by, Leo. Make the most of the moment and open your heart to its new opportunities. React to others with love and compassion, and it will only be returned to you in abundance.

Virgo – Emperor Reversed – Don’t let recent success give you a swelled head in August. Turning over this card reversed warns of a tendency to bully others to get your way this month. True leaders care about the concerns of their people, Virgo. Warmth and compassion will bring you closer to your goal than pushing around your coworkers.

Libra – Three of Cups – You worked hard and now you’re ready to play, Libra. Your focus on fun and frolic leads to celebrations with friends and family this month. Conditions are especially favorable to mend broken fences and form creative alliances for the future. Even when you’re having fun, you can still keep chasing your dreams!

Scorpio – Temperance Reversed – You can have too much of a good thing, even work. Pulling Temperance reversed suggests your recent push for success and outside recognition leads to fatigue in August. Can you keep up this pace, Scorpio? Now is the time to consider cutting ties with possible caffeine or nicotine dependency before it gets worse. You need to refresh your energy in healthier ways.

Sagittarius – Two of Swords – This month you find yourself trapped in a decision for which there is no easy solution, Sagittarius. No matter what answer you choose, drawbacks await you. Yet you cannot go forward without hardship. It is better to walk your path with eyes open, knowing full well the consequences of your actions, than never advance towards your goal at all.

Capricorn – King of Wands – Now is not the time to focus on details. In August, take a step back and reassess the bigger picture. Are you painting this masterpiece for yourself or others, Capricorn? You possess all the drive and determination needed to move any obstacle in your path, but it helps to know where you were going and why. Otherwise, your passion for perfection might flag in the future.

Aquarius – Five of Wands Reversed – Competition rears its head this month, Aquarius. The question is: do you need to win? Avoiding conflict or finding compromise may be more beneficial in the long run than a head-on attack. Learning to respect the differences of others and even move past them will help restore the equilibrium of the situation.

Pisces – Death – With the success and recognition of the Sun in August comes the metamorphosis of Death. A door closes for you this month, Pisces. Seeing the inevitable ahead, you can efficiently prepare yourself for the transition. This profound change offers a new beginning that may affect you on all levels.

That’s all for this month! I hope this brief look at the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot provides you with some insight for August. If you need a deeper reading, you can find my listing here and on my website. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for free daily readings. (And, of course, you can always find my books on Amazon.)

See you next month!