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It has come to my attention that people are erroneously thinking that we’re closing down this site, right here, the one you’re looking at. That is NOT the case. is not going anywhere. We’re simply closing down the old OFS Forum, currently the forum located at This site will stay just the […]

Forum Announcement

We are getting ready to close the forum at due to lack of use. It will survive as an archive and nothing more. The only people who will retain access are OFS members and selected moderators. Sign-ups are no longer available. We will begin deleting accounts as of January 18, 2014. You may […]

They’re off again – those who say the end is nigh !

Well, the doomsday ‘end is nigh’ groups all had a nasty shock last year when Dec 21st came and went just the same as all other previous 21 Dec. Bit disappointing when you look at it. Anyway, I was watching a BBC Horizon programme last night, after the DR Who 50th special, all about the […]

Interview: Audrey Brice Talks About the OTS Series

This month I asked Audrey Brice to come by and tell us a little about Rising Darkness, the latest release in the Demonolatry steeped OTS series. She tells us what inspired it, how Demonolatry plays a role in her novels, and what’s next for Elizabeth Tanner and the crew. ————————- FD- What inspired you to […]

August Rising

Now is about the time where some of us are tired of the kids being home, the smell of pool water, and the heat of summer. The only thing I don’t mind about warmer months is the bbq. I never get bored with that. This month we pose the question: As you grow in knowledge […]

Enter July

This month our bloggers talk about the spiritual vs. the magickal. Which part of their practice is more important to them? Why? As always, feel free to participate in the discussion. We’re always looking for new bloggers so if you’re a Demonolater and you would like to blog here, be sure to contact me at […]

Just June

Welcome to summer. I imagine many of you are putting together your fire festival and solstice celebrations to Flereous, the Asmodai, and all other relevant Daemonic Fires. This month we ask our bloggers who are your favorite Demon(s) to work with and why? I imagine we’ll get some interested answers. Stay tuned for June and I […]