Author: Frank

August Rising

Now is about the time where some of us are tired of the kids being home, the smell of pool water, and the heat of summer. The only thing I don’t mind about warmer months is the bbq. I never get bored with that. This month we pose the question: As you grow in knowledge […]

Enter July

This month our bloggers talk about the spiritual vs. the magickal. Which part of their practice is more important to them? Why? As always, feel free to participate in the discussion. We’re always looking for new bloggers so if you’re a Demonolater and you would like to blog here, be sure to contact me at […]

Just June

Welcome to summer. I imagine many of you are putting together your fire festival and solstice celebrations to Flereous, the Asmodai, and all other relevant Daemonic Fires. This month we ask our bloggers who are your favorite Demon(s) to work with and why? I imagine we’ll get some interested answers. Stay tuned for June and I […]


Prayers exist in many religions. Those of us raised in Christian households (or those of you who have heard “Enter Sandman” by Metallica) probably know the one that goes something to the effect of “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I […]

Animal Magic

As per usual, tonight when I came home from work, Princess was waiting for me, sitting on top of the television, jumping down and running over to me to say hello, and Rufus (who I only adopted at Christmas – was going to have a computer, ended up with a cat), comes down stairs from his […]

March Beckons

Happy March, folks! The end of this month marks the beginning of the Rites of Belphegore! Time to make sure the stones are set and the bloodletting devices are sharpened. In the meantime, our bloggers talk about magickal languages! When should they be used? Why should they be used? What do they add to the […]