Author: Steph

June How-To

Welcome readers! Pardon the intrusion but I am introducing this month’s topic since Frank is busy. It seems a few of our bloggers got busy this summer, so expect postings to be sporadic the next few months. This month is our June How-To (or Blogger’s Choice). That means you just don’t know what you’re going […]

Introducing the DB Publishing Chapbook Series

DB Publishing is currently seeking submissions for our Chapbook Series of books. These  books are generally between 50-80 pages (that’s between 20K-30K word count) and focus on a topic of interest to Daemonolaters. These topics can include (but certainly aren’t limited to) Sigil Magick Goetia topics Grimoiric Magick (wherein Daemons are treated respectfully) Candle Magick […]

Website Payment Methods Update

As of today we at are beginning to remove Paypal links from this site because we cannot, in good conscience, continue to support a credit card processing company that promotes censorship and book banning. As a publisher of occult books, occult fiction, and erotica (where the banning has started), I would be hypocrite to cry foul […]

A Rite of New Year Intent

I never start my year with magickal goals. I generally start my year with a new list of goals for project completion, self-work, or mundane things. This year my list looks like this: First Quarter Goals: Finish 3 projects in the first quarter Clean out boxes and bookshelves in office. Put together boxes for donation. Taxes: Feb […]

S. Connolly Reading Testimonials

Here’s what clients have to say about readings they’ve gotten from me. If you have something you want to share with other about your experience with my service, please contact me (or Frank) at TESTIMONIALS “I’ve had a lot of people cold read me. Cold reading is hard to do. I was really surprised […]