July Manifests

Welcome to July 2011! First some DB Publishing news.  First, DB Publishing is seeking submissions for a new book called My Name is Legion: For We Are Many. Here are the Guidelines.

Next, DB Publishing has officially announced its acquisition of a new book about Demonolatry by Gynna Nichols (a QA guide for beginners) slated to be published next year.

This month, our contributors talk about Daemonic Manifestation. See the home page for the blogging schedule, or feel free to subscribe by e-mail or through RSS or Networked Blogs to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Now that summer is here so many groups are performing their rites to Flaros and the Asmodai. Fire festivals abound and I wish all of my brethren good tidings and a glorious summer and hope that wonderful things manifest for you and yours this July.

Until the next update, I remain,

Frank F. Domovoi

Book Giveaways!

demonolatry.org in cooperation with DB Publishing & Official Melissa Press is going to start holding regular drawings for some fantastic bookish prizes.

Right now we’re going to start accepting entries for both the Third Quarter & Halloween Giveaways!

Third Quarter

Third Quarter Book Giveaway: Is now over. To see the winners CLICK HERE.


Winners are Here!

In 2012 enter to win limited edition copies of Official Melissa Press titles!

The New Site & More

Please be aware that this website is currently under complete renovation. If anything looks like it needs to be cleaned up, it probably does. Please bear with us while we clean up our code and make things pretty.

The decision to change the site was simple. We wanted to streamline the site so it was easier for me to maintain, while allowing selected other users also add content to keep the site fresh and updated with new information for visitors.

With our new plan you should plan to see new content (in the form of blog posts) every five days or so. See the main page of the site to see who is blogging when so you won’t miss your favorite contributors. Also note that you can subscribe to the site to receive new content in e-mail, or join us via Networked Blogs to keep up with the latest updates.

So welcome to the new site and we hope you enjoy it!