GUEST POST: The Art of Evocation

This post by author Scott Hobbs

Evocation (here meaning the art of summoning a spirit or demon to visible appearance) is a long sought after skill by many Demonolaters, Satanists, and Occultists. Here I would like to describe my understanding of the practice and provide a method for successful evocation. When summoning a demon for their assistance, it is best to call them in the name and by the power of the demon who is above them. It is also desirable that the mage has an understanding of vibrating words and names for added effect. The following skill set will grant the mage the best possible experience and potency in their evocations:

Visualization, Vibrating words and names, Astral projection, Heightened astral senses of sight and hearing, an understanding of the demon you seek to summon as well as the hierarchy or paradigm you are working with, understanding of the ritual structure you will use (circle and triangle of art, scrying mirror, incense smoke as focal point, etc)

Now, onto the method of summoning which was taught to me by Astaroth.

Pick a demon you will summon. Draw their sigil on a piece of parchment or unlined paper. You may chant their Enn while doing this, directing the power of the chant into the sigil’s making.

Place this on the ground with a plain wall behind it. (with no hangings or pictures on the wall)

On top of this sigil, place a black bowl filled 2/3rds with water.

Walk at least 4-5 paces away from the bowl and turn facing it.

Light a candle and place it behind you. The rest of the room should be dark. The shadow you cast from the candle will aid in manifestation.

Begin vibrating the name of the demon you seek to summon. You may add the enn to this and direct it towards the sigil.

During this time, close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind as clearly as possible. There will be a shift in your consciousness and a trance will overtake you. Say a summoning of your own devising, calling out to the demon in the name of its superior (or in the name of Satan) to come forth and appear before you, and to give you truthful answers.

Now, imagine yourself rise up out of your body and over to the bowl. Look down into it with your astral vision and see the sigil of the demon glowing with power. Dive down through the sigil into the realm of the demon. In this darkness, say the name of the demon and feel the vibration of the name resonate to the ends of the universe. The demon will appear to you. Slowly come back to your body.

Begin slowly opening your eyes while whispering the demon’s name. See them rise up before you out of the bowl.

When their image becomes clearly defined before you, request they sign their name in the air before them. If the name is spelled correctly, it is the demon you seek.

Converse with them and be respectful, straight to the point, and be focused.

When you are done, thank them for coming to you and say “In the name of Satan, go in peace, harm none as you depart, and may we be allies henceforth.”

See the demon dive down into the bowl.

Extinguish the candle flame and turn on the lights. Write down your experience in your journal.

The water may be used to anoint yourself with, anoint candles for further meditation or rituals with the demon, etc.

The sigil may be kept with you as a talisman, or burned as an offering and dropped into the water, then poured on earth.

I hope this helps some of you who are having issues with summoning to visible appearance, just know it takes a lot of energy to accomplish, but is well worth the effort.

Hail Satan! Hail Astaroth!

To see Scott Hobb’s books, check out Gates of Lucifer & Flames of Flereous

On-the-Go Protection

Protection is another one of the most common rituals/spells people ask me about. Sure, there are elaborate rituals you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there are simple ways to do this as well. Especially when you’re traveling outside your home where you’re outside the boundaries of your own wards.

One of the most effective methods is to carry a sigil on your person, in your car or in your suitcase. And, let’s face it, since you can’t ward your workplace in the proper manner, you can place protective sigils in your desk or in a work locker.

Many people may just print a sigil and cut it out, but I’m a personal fan of drawing the sigil out by hand while visualizing the intent of protecting yourself or your personal space outside the home.

Agaliarept, Amducius, Asmoday, Focalor, Sabnock, Satanichia, Sonnillion, Tezrian, or Vepar are all good choices for protection. But ultimately you should choose a Daemonic force you resonate with. Then, over the seal, state your intention to be safe from harm, thieves, and accidents. You can even be more specific if the situation calls for it.

If you practice blood magick, add a single drop of your blood to the sigil (which can be obtained in the least harmful way possible, like a pin prick to a finger, or by removing a scab off an old scratch injury). This serves as a bonding mechanism between you and the Daemonic force, and your intention to be safe.

And that’s it! Paper sigils can be slipped into a purse, wallet, or even your pocket or shoe. Re-make them as necessary.

I’m also a fan of using this method to attract wealth, by putting the seal of a wealth Daemon into your wallet to help you draw more money, or spend less.

Sometimes it’s the simple things!


This blog post has been lingering in the back of my mind for some time now. Every time someone bitches about the “occult or LHP community”, or every time someone PMs me to tell me who’s stabbing who in the back within the “occult or LHP community”, I think about making this post. Or when I get the emails warning me to avoid the latest shit-stirrer starting drama in the “occult or LHP community”. Sadly, when I look at the general occulture, and even sub-groups of the occulture – I see a toxic wasteland that is poison to magicians and to magical creators.

There are cliques [obviously]. There are serious students [obviously]. There are people who lurk and keep their noses clean. There are smaller, actual communities in the larger occulture, but they don’t include the whole of the occult, or the whole of LHP practitioners. Because there are also a lot of shit-stirrers and trolls. There are attention whores. There are people who get along with no one. There are people whose only goal is to trash or tear down anyone they disagree with because they’re jealous, or pissed off, or have a shitty life or whatever. I see a lot of things in the general occulture and oftentimes, “community” isn’t one of them.

Community actually means: “A unified body of individuals.” Which means you actually have to be united in something. There are definitely many smaller united groups within the occulture, but don’t fool yourself into believing there is such thing as the “occult community” or the “LHP community”.

In order for there to be a community on such a general scale, people would need to set aside their egos and hurt feelings. Their one true ways and their need for attention. It would require setting aside petty squabbles and jealousies. In order for this to happen it would require every occultist to actually do the self-work and self-analysis magical practice demands. It would require every occultist to be open-minded about ideas and practices they don’t agree with and to not feel threatened by other people’s ideas and beliefs. It would require leaders and authors in the occulture to collaborate instead of tear each other down. [As an aside here, a lot of authors, leaders, and makers actually do collaborate and kudos to those who do. It shows they’re strong enough to not feel threatened by different ideas or techniques, and that they understand that a rising tide lifts all boats.]

The lack of actual community is nothing new. It was like this almost 40 years ago, back in the 1980’s when I showed up to my first generalized “occult” thing all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and I have no doubt it will still be like this when I’m dead and gone 40-50 years from now.

So seriously — forgive me when I roll my eyes as I’m reading my inbox full of “Occult Police” Reports [which is another rant for another time] that always talk about this alleged “community” that we have. Forgive me if I don’t feel like I belong to this community that some people seem to think exists.

Believe me when I tell you there is no actual, cohesive “occult community” or “LHP community”. Only Zuul.

(And yes, I realize the joke may be lost on some of the younger practitioners, but I figured those of you who “get it” would have a good chuckle.)

August 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to the August Tarotscope! 

Daily divination supports all my other spiritual practices. Because of this, I feel I need a decent copy of the original Rider-Waite Tarot with artwork by Pamela Colman Smith. Unfortunately, some prints currently available are blurry, with a good deal of detail either lost or fuzzy. 

One of the nicest reproductions on the market today is the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, a playing card-sized deck that comes in a small tin from US Games Systems. Virginijus Poshkus recolored Smith’s classic artwork to add richness and depth to the 2D images. Clearly printed and brightly colored, the cards themselves possess a slick, laminated feel for ease of shuffling (and cleaning). Although brief, the accompanying pamphlet provides enough upright and reverse meanings to aid beginners in interpreting the cards and refresh the memories of more experienced readers. The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot makes an excellent day-to-day deck for both casual and professional readers, and its sturdy tin means you don’t need an extra bag to carry it with you. This deck has a place of honor in my arsenal. 

On to August’s cards.

The Sun – The card for All Signs in August. On the left, the Rider-Waite Pocket Tarot. On the right, the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, recolored by Virginijus Poshkus. Note the additional depth and richness.

All Signs – The Sun – Rejoice! The Sun shines on all signs of the zodiac in August. Your hard work pays off this month, leading to success and recognition from others. Take a moment to celebrate yourself and your achievement. You have earned this period of harmony and contentment; it’s all right to enjoy its rewards. 

Top Row: Aries – 9 of Wands, Taurus – Knight of Cups Reversed, Gemini – 6 of Wands Reversed, Cancer – 4 of Pentacles Reversed, Leo – Ace of Cups, Virgo – Emperor Reversed. // Bottom Row: Libra – 3 of Cups, Scorpio – Temperance Reversed, Sagittarius – 2 of Swords, Capricorn – Kings of Wands, Aquarius – 5 of Wands Reversed, Pisces – Death.

Aries – Nine of Wands – August brings the relief of a ceasefire, Aries. The tension of recent months has worn you down, but you can take this brief break to refresh your energy and tend to your wounds. Yet stay on your guard. The truce you are in may not be what it seems. Be wary of possible deception and trickery.

Taurus – Knight of Cups Reversed – A new opportunity rocks the boat this month, Taurus. While it inspires your creativity, it also pushes you towards emotional depths previously unexplored. Now is not the time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Turning over this card reversed advises you to keep your newfound feelings to yourself until you understand them better.

Gemini – Six of Wands Reversed – August makes you worry about the downside of success. Others expect more from you now, but try to consider that as an investment in your future. Keep an eye on your overall potential and growth instead, even as the pressure increases. More awaits you in the months to come.

Cancer – Four of Pentacles Reversed – There’s a large difference between being thrifty and outright greedy, Cancer. Do you want all the accolades and all the stuff? The Four of Pentacles reversed emphasizes that you can’t have everything. Your challenge this month is learning to share. In August, you must coexist peacefully with those physically and emotionally in your space.

Leo – Ace of Cups – The world overflows with blessings and positivity this August. Do not let this chance pass you by, Leo. Make the most of the moment and open your heart to its new opportunities. React to others with love and compassion, and it will only be returned to you in abundance.

Virgo – Emperor Reversed – Don’t let recent success give you a swelled head in August. Turning over this card reversed warns of a tendency to bully others to get your way this month. True leaders care about the concerns of their people, Virgo. Warmth and compassion will bring you closer to your goal than pushing around your coworkers.

Libra – Three of Cups – You worked hard and now you’re ready to play, Libra. Your focus on fun and frolic leads to celebrations with friends and family this month. Conditions are especially favorable to mend broken fences and form creative alliances for the future. Even when you’re having fun, you can still keep chasing your dreams!

Scorpio – Temperance Reversed – You can have too much of a good thing, even work. Pulling Temperance reversed suggests your recent push for success and outside recognition leads to fatigue in August. Can you keep up this pace, Scorpio? Now is the time to consider cutting ties with possible caffeine or nicotine dependency before it gets worse. You need to refresh your energy in healthier ways.

Sagittarius – Two of Swords – This month you find yourself trapped in a decision for which there is no easy solution, Sagittarius. No matter what answer you choose, drawbacks await you. Yet you cannot go forward without hardship. It is better to walk your path with eyes open, knowing full well the consequences of your actions, than never advance towards your goal at all.

Capricorn – King of Wands – Now is not the time to focus on details. In August, take a step back and reassess the bigger picture. Are you painting this masterpiece for yourself or others, Capricorn? You possess all the drive and determination needed to move any obstacle in your path, but it helps to know where you were going and why. Otherwise, your passion for perfection might flag in the future.

Aquarius – Five of Wands Reversed – Competition rears its head this month, Aquarius. The question is: do you need to win? Avoiding conflict or finding compromise may be more beneficial in the long run than a head-on attack. Learning to respect the differences of others and even move past them will help restore the equilibrium of the situation.

Pisces – Death – With the success and recognition of the Sun in August comes the metamorphosis of Death. A door closes for you this month, Pisces. Seeing the inevitable ahead, you can efficiently prepare yourself for the transition. This profound change offers a new beginning that may affect you on all levels.

That’s all for this month! I hope this brief look at the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot provides you with some insight for August. If you need a deeper reading, you can find my listing here and on my website. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for free daily readings. (And, of course, you can always find my books on Amazon.)

See you next month!


The Daemon Directory App for Android is Here.

Daemon Directory, an official app from, is a compendium of the 100 daemons that traditional Daemonolaters work with most often.

Entries for each daemon includes purposes, enns (invocations), correspondences, and more, as well as useful descriptions from author S. Connolly and other traditional grimoires.

A handy and essential reference for any Daemonolater, occultist, witch, or anyone curious about the dark arts.

Entirely filterable by purpose, daemonic hierarchy, element, celestial correspondence, and month, enabling you to identify the proper daemon for your needs.

Use it to honor the Daemons each month, as a study tool, or to plan ritual work.

(If you are in iOS user, contact Frank at to let him know you’re interested. If an iOS option gets enough interest, we’ll see if our developer will put an iOS version out.)


Ritual for Animals

So this past month I had one of those “fate” moments in life. My daughter had been fostering a dog from their local shelter. While picking up something for the pup she saw that the shelter had just taken in a five year old bulldog. She notified us and sent a picture along with the details. I had wanted a bulldog for some time but honestly they are very expensive and that fact alone had truthfully been enough to put them in the “maybe down the road” category.

After seeing the info on her, I decided to go visit her and see what I thought. She had only been in the shelter for two days. After we arrived at the shelter and told them we who we wanted to see, we were taken into the dog area. The volunteer slowly opened her pen and she darted out trotting to her escape complete with her tongue hanging out. She was quickly caught and we all went to their “get to know you” room. I fell in love with her right away. She was so happy and so sweet. We adopted her right there but had to leave her for her to spayed.

As we waited her to come home I kept thinking this must be fate to get her because she kind of fell into our lap.

After she was home, we had some adjustments to make for her. She did pretty well. I kept wondering what she was thinking and how someone could give up this sweet little thing to a shelter. She kept us up a couple nights and slept through the rest. She would wake up and have that “where the hell am I look”.

I couldn’t stop wondering what was going on in her mind. Obviously she was confused. Her whole life had changed (hopefully for the better). As I sat in bed looking at her one morning, I thought why don’t I ask for some help with her. So, not really knowing how, I decided to do a ritual to ask what she is thinking or going through.

I have practicing Magick for many years. Not once had I performed a ritual that involves a pet. I wasn’t even really sure where to start.
So, first off was to decide which Demon to work with. Barbatos seemed to be perfect as not only does he help to understand animals but this was June. Perfect!

Next was to write a quick ritual where I would summon Barbatos and ask for help with my new found friend. I meditated in the ritual hoping to get some insight. Nothing.

I felt disappointed. I decided to try again the next night. Again, nothing. I didn’t perform it on the third night. However, around 3 am that morning, I woke up. Just enough to release from a dream but not yet fully alert. I had a haze come over me. I was seeing my dog. Honestly, I can’t remember if I was actually seeing her or just in my head as I wasn’t awake enough.

Regardless, I started to feel anxiety. I saw flashes of puppies, people, cages, various things a dog would see. I didn’t hear anything. Just these visions and the slight anxiety feeling. Finally I woke up completely. I sat up and saw her looking back at me.

I was going to mention it to my wife but decided not to. It sounded kind of silly as I thought about it. As the day went on, the experience didn’t seem so silly. Maybe I did connect with her. The ritual didn’t solve anything but perhaps helped with a connection. I will probably do some more rituals but this time I will focus on getting a message to her, that her new family loves her, wants to take care of her and hopes she is happy in her new home.

Hail Barbatos.

The Importance of a Foundation

The last week has found me dealing with the joy of having back spasms. Not really sure what I did but one evening last week the spasms were so bad that they were jolting me from my bed. Of course, I went and checked in with my doctor and he brought up the importance of making my core strong so that I wouldn’t have as many issues with my back or my knees. His suggestion struck me in multiple ways, one being the importance of having a strong foundation – core – when it comes to practicing magick.

I get so many messages from new practitioners wanting to know why their magick isn’t getting them the results they are looking for. Upon further questions they let it out that they have no real background in magickal traditions, they just bought a book from a store, thumbed to the page that had what they were looking for (usually something that is more advanced than what a beginner should be working on), and then went to town. They have no idea about how to raise energy, the importance of intent and correspondences, or how to release the energy when done. They look at spell work as something that can just happen from reading a book that they bought off Amazon. I’m not saying that this approach is 100% wrong, many of us have purchased books either online or in person,and then created magick or spellwork around what is in them, but we have a firm foundation to pull from. Let’s face it, some books are written with blinds that only experienced magicians will pick up on that allows us to get the full benefit and outcome.

Magick isn’t something that can be learned in one class or in a weekend, it is something that you are constantly perfecting and eternally learning about. You can have all the books in the world, but unless you practice those books are nothing more than dust gatherers.

Take the time to learn and be humble enough to realize that there is nothing wrong with being a beginner, we have all been there. Read outside of your tradition, each approach to magick has something important to teach you. If you have honestly tried your best and are still stuck, reach out to more experienced magicians for a different point of view.

Suffice it to say, that tonight while I am sitting with my TENS unit working on my back I will be enjoying going back to basics, there is nothing wrong with going back to the beginning; and reading Franz Barton’s ‘Introduction to Hermetics’. I’m sure I will find something that I missed the last 2 times that I read it.

July 2021 Tarotscope

Hello again! Welcome to the July Tarotscope.

This month, I used the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. This deck possesses a strong hand-drawn aesthetic and is composed of black-and-white ink drawings with cleverly placed rainbow accents. Readers with sight problems may have difficulties with the guidebook’s handwritten font and this style choice carries over into the artist’s other projects. That said, the Wild Unknown Tarot works beautifully with its two companions, the Wild Unknown Animal and Archetypes decks. The decks support each other thematically and artistically, though readers certainly don’t need all three. I enjoyed working with them last month, and will definitely be adding them as a team to my arsenal. That said, let’s get onto July’s cards!

All Signs – Father of Wands, Aries – 10 of Cups, Taurus – The Devil, Gemini – The Sun Reversed.

All Signs – The Father of Wands – The cobra waits to strike, storing energy in its powerful coils. It does not waste its venom on false attempts, instead relying on patience for the ideal moment. While we may not find the perfect second to act this month, the cobra suggests that all signs should use their magnetism and charm to lure what they want closer throughout July — and then pounce! In other words, save up your creative enthusiasm for the right time and place.

Aries – Ten of Cups – This month sees the completion of a goal dear to your heart, Aries, and it fills you with happiness and excitement. This is an excellent emotional period for you — and a wonderful time to be near you. Good vibes roll off you in waves. Channel the power of positivity towards your next success. Ask yourself: what comes next?

Taurus – The Devil – Liar, liar, pants on fire, Taurus! Sadly, you’re only lying to yourself. The Devil card says what was once a dalliance for you has now become a dependency. In July it’s time to deal with the behaviors that hold you back, whether you are addicted to unhealthy people or substances.

Gemini – The Sun Reversed – Are you putting the summer weather to good use, Gemini? Lower energy levels this month indicate you may be having some difficulty shaking off the winter blues. The timing couldn’t be better to get a little Vitamin D from the Sun. As you soak up its rays, let them burn off some of the fog in your brain and fill you with vitality. Just remember to wear the proper sunscreen!

Cancer – 3 of Cups Reversed, Leo – 10 of Swords Reversed, Virgo – Ace of Wands, Libra – 8 of Swords, Scorpio – 4 of Pentacles, Sagittarius – The Fool Reversed.

Cancer – Three of Cups Reversed – You will have multiple opportunities to celebrate this month, Cancer, but are you truly letting your hair down? Something is stopping you from being yourself when you gather with friends and family. It keeps you from completely relaxing, from having the best time you can. In July, you have to ask yourself whether being safe is worth never being at peace.

Leo – Ten of Swords Reversed – Don’t despair, Leo. There’s nowhere to go now but up. More importantly, you know the obstacles to watch out for as you climb your way back to the top. It may still be a path lined with sharp swords, but you can make it, especially if you forgive yourself for the fall.

Virgo – Ace of Wands – July is filled with fresh ideas and projects, and the heady rush of creativity makes you want to jump in with both feet. Prioritize as best you can. As much as you want to do everything, try to remember you are only one person. What really gets your blood pumping?

Libra – Eight of Swords – You long to fly, Libra, but an obstacle stops you from spreading your wings. In July, your view of the situation shifts and you realize the risk is worth the reward. Take honest stock of the problem as you move forward, and admit if you have played any part in creating the issue.

Scorpio – Four of Pentacles – This card indicates your hard work has paid off with a time of financial security. This is definitely good news on both the career and home front, Scorpio. It took a lot of control to get to this place. The thing is, can you let go when necessary? You’ll have to decide to pull or cut strings in July.

Sagittarius – Fool Reversed – Some may look before they leap, but not you! You’re too eager to take off to worry about anything that might hinder you this July. Besides, that’s part of the learning process, right? Good thing fledglings are known for looking a little silly during their first flights. Have fun, Sagittarius! You’ll fit right in! 

Capricorn – 8 of Pentacles, Aquarius – 4 of Swords R, Pisces – Mother of Swords Reversed.

Capricorn – Eight of Pentacles – In this card, a spider web snags eight ‘flies.’ The Eight of Pentacles says you will likewise have an opportunity to take advantage of your skills or artistry this month. You’re close to that next level towards mastery, but real discipline is required to overcome the hurdle, Capricorn. Don’t give up. You can do this.

Aquarius – Four of Swords Reversed – Stress from outside sources hangs over you this month, Aquarius. Make sure to take the time to rest and recuperate in July. You possess the inner strength and calm necessary to get through this hard period if you allow yourself to call upon your reserves. Meditation or breathwork could be of assistance.

Pisces – Mother of Cups Reversed – July sees you in a flap, Pisces. But before you attack be sure exactly who the wronged party is. Are your emotions clouding your insight in this situation? Ask your deepest self how to proceed before moving, or you could only make matters worse in the long run.

That brings us to a close for July. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Wild Unknown Tarot, and that it has brought you some insight for the month ahead. If you require a more in-depth Tarot, Oracle, or Daemonic card reading, my listing is available here and on my website.  I’m booking my summer readings now, so get in while you can!

To take a peek at my daily tarot journaling, check me out on Instagram. (And, of course, you can always find my books on Amazon.)

See you in August!



First off, I have to make mention that I tend to agree with one of my old teachers, Oliver St. John when he said, “tools belong in a shed. We use ritual implements or items”.

As I said, I do agree with that statement however, I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I find myself calling them tools just out of habit.
I guess my point in bringing that up is our ritual “tools” deserve, no, demand respect. Call them what you will but treat them with respect.
For this writing, I’m going to (respectfully) call them “tools”.
Our tools are sacred to us. No one else should handle them unless they have your permission. Personally I would only let someone else touch them while in ritual if at all.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s start with acquiring them.
You probably have a good idea what you need for your rituals. If not, refer to The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly. This is a blog post not a book so, I have to keep this condensed.

You have probably heard it is best to be gifted a specific tool or buy it yourself. You can’t buy your own tarot deck, it has to be gifted. Maybe you’ve heard, your athame has to be purchased on a full moon while wearing purple clothes, etc., etc., etc.

I tend to believe those lines of thinking is different from coven to coven. Do what feels right for you. If you are at some occult shop and a certain candle holder “speaks” to you, by all means, get it.

I tend to lean towards the belief that homemade items/tools are better. That is especially true if a fellow magician makes something homemade and gifts it to me. I treasure the time and effort they put into it and it makes that item all the more powerful in my mind during ritual. Some will disagree and say that you don’t want someone else’s energy on your tools. I disagree with that but have heard it stated.

Just for shits and giggles, let’s say you obtained a new scrying mirror for ritual use. Now what?

Well, we want to consecrate it. This part could get long. However, I again remind myself this is a blog post not a book. So I’ll give you one example and if it doesn’t suite you, feel free to look for other ways as there are a ton of them.

For my scrying mirrors, I do not want any artificial light to hit them. Nor do I want sunlight to hit them. Only moonlight and candlelight are acceptable in my world.

So, take your new mirror and wrap it in a black cloth. Leave it protected until there is a full moon. Now that we have a full moon (or maybe even a new moon), take it outside. Place it on the earth and uncover it. Let only the light from the moon reflect on the glass. Don’t let a street light hit it.

You can say a prayer over it, anoint it and even dedicate it to a specific Demon if you like. I left mine in the moonlight all night long. I had to get up before the sun to cover the mirror and take it inside.

So, now I have a scrying mirror that is special to me. I made an effort to make it special. In a sense, I put it through its own ritual. It means something to me. When I call Demons into it, it will be sacred to me.
I will protect it from artificial light and use it only in ritual. The longer I follow this, the more sacred it becomes. Say I used this same mirror for ten years. Then I decide I want to pass it on to a fellow magician. I would hope they would recognize the effort, love, magick, devotion and time that I have put into this “tool” and cherish it, maybe even a little more than I did.

So, now you see why I hate to call them “tools”. It seems to diminish what they really are. It makes them sound common.

They are a magickal part of us and should be treated as such. They help us direct our energy. They help us get into the right state of mind. They help us connect to the divine.  Treat them well. They demand it. Your Magick demands it. The Demonic demand it.

It Only Works if You Follow-Through

I was having a virtual coffee late last month when the topic of Pathworking came up. One of my friends said something to the effect of: “I know all these people who do a lot of meditation, and these alleged pathworking rituals, but they don’t seem to be getting anything from it. They’re still the same miserable, downtrodden bastards they were when they started practicing two, five, ten years ago!”

I suggested that it’s probably the fault of those of us who write the books. Let me explain. What we lay out in the books are the techniques, or the steps of ritual. But what’s often missing from the discussion is how to follow-through on the pathwork and actually apply what you’re learning from the Daemonic Divine to your life.

The solitary neo-Daemonolaters are learning from books. They don’t have a teacher to stop them and ask, “So, what did that ritual teach you about yourself?” or “Now that you’ve done the meditation, what can you do to help manifest the change in your situation?”

But let me back up. Let’s talk about how pathwork works. It goes something like this:

  1. You do a pathworking ritual.
  2. You have a revelation or are given some information regarding what needs to be done.
  3. It makes you think about yourself, your views, your choices, how you treat others, how your choices affect yourself and others, and how you can change what you’re doing, or how you’re thinking, to change your situation or become a better, more enlightened human being, or whatnot.
  4. You act on those changes that need to be made and see if the resulting manifestation has put you in a better position. (This is the follow- through.)
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That is pathwork. It’s a life-long process. It’s not: you did this pathworking meditation and it made you feel at one with [insert Daemon here]. High magick is about you ascending, becoming your higher self. It’s about finding your purpose, your place in the universe, and discovering your Great Work. Hopefully you leave each pathworking more enlightened, and hopefully able to navigate this physical world more easily than you could before. It’s all the pathworking they’ve done that makes the manifestations of low-magick seem so effortless for more experienced magicians.

There is no such thing as the one-and-done in High Magick. And you can’t effectively do 30 different pathworkings in a month with 30 different Daemons and expect to get everything from them that you need. You will have to focus on one thing at a time and see it through to completion, or at least to the point where you can go no further.

The pathworking, high-magick timeline often goes something like this:

May: Do a ritual to manifest fears that must be faced by working with [insert Daemon of choice here.] You let this sink in for the month of May, including any realizations. Pick a fear to work on and plan any magickal work for that. Perhaps draft a plan of action.

June: Implementation of the plan of action. Do something daily to change your perspective, position, relationship, etc… with regard to that fear you chose to work on.

July: Reflection and course correction. Continuation of implementation of the plan if it seems to be working, or modification if it is not. Start planning the next pathworking ritual.

August: Maybe pick another fear to work on if you’ve gone as far as you could (if you haven’t – the Daemonic has a way of letting you know that, too.)

This can go on for months and months, or perhaps it’s a shorty and only takes you a couple of weeks to manifest the change and be happy with your result. There may be additional rituals done throughout this process – but the major pathworking stuff where you’re drudging up your shit (personal hang-ups, traumas, fears, personal flaws triggered by these things, etc) — that takes longer. No one erases a fear of failure or a deep seated trauma overnight. On that same token, some people can find themselves in the thick of a single working for months, or even years. It really depends on the individual and what they’re working on. It also depends how introspective a person is, and how honest they are with themselves. The introspective will see the trail of breadcrumbs leading to the gnosis they seek rather clearly, whereas those who aren’t used to such deep self-analysis may have a hard time seeing or hearing what the Daemonic is trying to impart.

When people run about online, bragging on their pathworking, sharing superficial or shallow results, it usually suggests they rushed through it and didn’t really work through it like they should have, or that perhaps that’s all the ritual had to offer them.

Of course, I also have a few friends who tell me that I overwork some of my magick. I will repeat rituals multiple times until I *feel* I’ve gotten all I can from them. I once spent a whole year working a single ritual that most people get through in two months. Not because I wasn’t getting anything from it, but rather because I was getting so much from it that I wasn’t ready to move forward until I’d gotten all I could. If I’m getting a lot of helpful material from a single ritual, you bet I’m going to milk it until it stops giving. I have no doubt that, five or ten years from now, if I repeated the same operation, I’d get more from it that I wasn’t ready for the first time around.

This is why magick is a solitary art. The magick manifests different things for different people, and how long it takes to fully appreciate that manifestation, and work through it if necessary, is also unique to the individual. What we often get from the magick is generally what we need. If you’re not getting anything from a particular pathworking (especially if it resonates with you), it may be best to set it aside and circle back around to it at a later time. Try something else. (If you have discernment, you can discuss the matter with the Daemonic and they can hopefully guide you to a pathworking ritual that has more to offer you at this time.)

So happy pathworking, and may all of your revelations, insights, and self-work be fruitful!