The Chariot and Taking Back Control

As some of you may know, I am a full time Tarot reader and when you do as many readings every day as I do, you start to see patterns in both questions/issues that people are dealing with as well as with the same cards constantly coming up no matter how often I shuffle or if I switch to a different deck. When this happens, I pay attention.

Lately I have been getting a lot more calls from people who feel as if they are nothing more than a passive character in their own lives. The common thread of not being in control and wanting to get that control back has been a reoccurring one, especially over the past two weeks. I am sure that a major contributor to that is of course the Covid situation and how we are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop and wondering when, and if; life will ever go back to how we knew it. Of living in a time when a lot of our personal choices have been taken away.

I have found it very interesting that the card The Chariot has come up with greater frequency. Often it had been in reverse, indicating that the person truly was a passenger and that other indivduals or energies had taken the control with no intention of relinquishing it. Lately though, I am seeing it in the Dignified position, eluding to our coming up on a time where people are starting to get tired of being mere spectators and are ready to steer their own ships. It dawned on me that we could and perhaps even should, try harder to keep control of those reins in our hands; because honestly, who knows us better than we do?

The Chariot’s definition in tarot, when Dignified (upright) is about “overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction. One needs to keep going on and through sheer hard work and commitment he will be victorious.” The image that I always attribute with this card is that of an individual who is controlling the chariot, almost as if with his mind, as rarely do we see the reins to the horses or other beasts in the driver’s hands. To me this symbolizes that the power of intent and determination is just as important, if not more so; than physically holding the controls in one’s hands. If you are not focused on the path ahead and any obstacles that many come up it makes no difference if you are steering the ship.

Where are you right now in your life? Are you in control of your personal chariot or are the beasts running amok?

If you have been feeling as if you are being dragged along rather than in control of what is happening in your life, you can start to reset things by beginning to take small actions and building upon them.

Select one aspect of your life at a time and regain as much control as you feasibly can. Maybe you feel as if you are rushing in the morning to get out the door or to get ready for work. You are at the mercy of time here, but this is one of the easiest areas that we can take back our control. Maybe this is going to mean getting up 10 minutes earlier than you already do, or it might mean going to bed earlier so that the morning groggies don’t drag you down when you need to be alert and functioning.

Sometimes we feel as if we have zero control when it comes to relating with others. We quietly stand by because we are afraid to upset the apple cart, so to speak. First off if this is the dynamic of a relationship that you are in, it might be time to be completely honest about the healthiness of the relationship. Relationships of any form should be based on a partnership dynamic with give and take. Reflect on why you hold back sharing your needs, wants, ideas, and stunt the dialogue. Is it coming from a sense of not being confident enough to voice things or something else? Once you figure out the cause it is much easier to figure out how to become more active in your relationships.

Even small adjustments can make a difference

There is no denying that this year has shown us how vulnerable our control over our lives and situations truly are and the frustration that it has caused is something that we will most likely need to deal with for some time yet. However, we still have the ability to direct our lives in affirming ways, we just may need to think outside the box.

I rode and taught horseback riding for many years and people would get confused when I would take away my students reins and tell them to guide their horses without them. How? was the question I got from students, parents, and spectators alike. With the rest of the body, was my perennial answer. First I would make them guide the horse with only their legs and shifting their weight. OK that makes sense. Then I would have them minimize how much weight shifting they were doing and instead tip their heads to the direction that they wanted their horses to go. This always got weird looks! The head weighs around 11lbs, it is more than enough weight that the horse will pick up on the subtle change and will more likely than not, go in that direction.

Intent is the equivalent of a rider tilting their head. It may seem small and insignificant, but it has all the power to change the direction that we are taking and whether or not we are in control or merely a passenger. Magickal practice expects us to be active participants, our lives do too. Don’t short change either aspect of your life.

The Fine Art of Discernment

In our FB group, I made a post about discernment that I thought would also be useful here. It has been modified to include some important discussion points that ensued.

One of the WORST possible pieces of advice circulating among the online occulture of self-styled modern Daemonolaters is, “Just ask the Daemons!” Even I’ve been guilty of it because on occasion I forget that I don’t know if someone I’m talking to has had any formal pre-initiate training in Daemonolatry (most people do not), if they’ve been initiated, or if they’ve only read a few books and are self-styled.

The problem with this advice is that if a person hasn’t learned discernment, they could be thinking an “other” or “feeder spirit” is actually a Daemon. “Others” are really good at lying.

So here are some things to watch for while you’re casually communing with the Daemonic, the dead, or whatever else.

Some parts of this are from the book Necromantic Sacraments and posted here with full permission.

It can be difficult for new practitioners to tell the difference between a god-form/deity/daemon, “other”, thought-form/egregore, or human spirit. This does take a little practice. There are several ways to know what you’re dealing with.

The first is to test the spirit.

God-forms/deities/daemons will never tell you to harm yourself, they’ll never physically attack you (the exception there seems to be Goetic spirits, if they think you need to be physically knocked on your ass, tapped, or touched for them to drive a point home – they sometimes will), they’ll never lie to you, and they can sometimes be purposefully cryptic in a way that makes you think. Usually the reason for cryptic responses is to make one think for themselves and find their own answers.

“Others”, or “Feeder Spirits” are kind of tricky. They can be quite harmful. These spirits may physically harm you, lie to you and tell you they’re a Daemon, tell you bad things are going to happen when they aren’t. They may even tell you to hurt yourself or others. They will hate who you hate and share your worldview. They will purposefully destroy relationships if they think it will give them the upper hand (and the psychic dinner they’re looking for). Others are often strong. I’m convinced others can possess weak-willed individuals, or mentally unstable individuals. I do believe that some (not all) possession cases could be due to “others” influencing emotionally unstable individuals.

Egregores/thought-forms are often created by the magician himself. The problem here is that sometimes new magicians will inadvertently, and often unknowingly, create a thought form of the Daemonic force they *want*. These will share your world view as well as your beliefs, ethics, and values. Depending what you imbue these egregores with, they can be helpful or harmful. For example, if you imbue your Belial egregore with all the nasty Christian-described traits you can find, your egregore could be harmful to you and others and even take on traits of an “Other” except it will only know what you know.

Human spirits, on the other hand, have a different MO. When we give an offering to the dead it is said the dead suck the life out of the offering (usually a living plant or energy). That’s often why offerings to the dead often consist of grain, bread, flowers, wine or other alcohol, and even fruit or vegetables. The dead can also suck the life out of the living. This is why it’s incredibly important that while you can venerate your ancestors, always pay them for their work in offerings and DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, WORSHIP THEM like deities. They are not gods. They still have human faults. They’re simply human souls in a different state of existence. The dead, while they can be used for divination, are not always right in their predictions. They can influence the living, hence the reason they’re often consulted to help the living in many cultures the world over. Along this same line of thinking, do not leave offerings for the dead on an altar dedicated to a Death Daemonic. A divine intelligence is a deity or Godform. Again, the dead are not gods. They’re simply the disembodied souls of imperfect humans.

So what happens if you accidentally worship (or intentionally worship) the dead and attract feeder dead to you? This will often cause you to get sick, negative, or even cause your life to fall apart. If you worship them, the feeders will come. Not everything on the other side is nice or friendly. That includes the dead (and “Others”). The most common type of dead that will come forth easily, are usually the tethered (grounded) spirits who are stuck here. Spirits who usually get stuck either died unexpectedly, violently, or they were really horrible in life. This alone can bring a lot of negativity with it and beginning necromancers may not be experienced enough to fend off a feeder. On the other hand, you may have a dead family member who has vowed to keep the family safe even in death. It’s very possible for these spirits to come forth, too.

In closing of this section, I recommend testing all of the spirits who come forward. Ask hard questions that only you would know the answer to (or don’t know and then go look it up!). If the spirit gets the answer wrong, it’s likely a deceased spirit. If the spirit gets the answer right, but lies about who it is and seems to be causing emotional discord by spurring negative thoughts or actions, then that’s an “Other” or potentially an unwanted egregore. If the spirit answers correctly and does not urge you to attack or hurt other people and takes a neutral stance on all your life issues (and doesn’t share your world view, etc and appears to be the voice of reason), it might be safe to say that’s a Divine Intelligence.

The Second is to Test Your Feelings.

Most mediums also get different “feelings” with various spirit types. Start paying attention now. My feeling set may be completely different than yours, however I’ll share mine just to illustrate the point. When I’m in the company of the dead, I always get cold and then this surreal feeling of wonder washes over me. However, if they’re unfriendly, this feeling is always followed with an overwhelming sense of sorrow or hate. With an ‘Other’ I will literally feel them sizing me up and feeling me out. It’s almost like I can feel them plotting something. This is often accompanied with hair standing on end. With the Daemonic, the vibration of the room changes and I am often filled with feelings of calmness, or I find myself deeply inspired. Wisdom. I can’t describe exactly how wisdom ‘feels’, but it’s very soothing and contemplative.

Depending on the type of Daemon and their vibrations, my flight response may be triggered, but usually it’s accompanied with curiosity and contemplation. Basically you can feel malevolence. You can also feel when you’re being toyed with or if something wants to hurt you. But it takes some practice.

Definitely go with your gut and learn to discern your feelings, but try to be objective.

Third, be objective and don’t be afraid to question your experiences.

I’m not saying you should second guess yourself, but you might at least think, “Is this rational and logical?” “Is this a truth I’ve been denying?” “Is this truth verifiable?” “Does it harm me or anyone else?” “Is this something I can test and experiment with?” “Is this healthy?” etc…

It’s hard to teach discernment. It’s something that comes with time and practice. Just know that as you learn, keep banishing, protections, and other rituals at the ready in case you find yourself in need of them. You are going to screw up in the beginning. You are. I have yet to meet a medium who hasn’t encountered a nasty dead or a malevolent Other at least once. Or who hasn’t accidentally created an egregore. I’m convinced those rare few who claim they get along with everything on the other side are full of you-know-what. I don’t recommend trusting anyone who says that.

Banishing and Regular House Cleaning

Start practicing “house cleaning” now. While those who just work with Daemons may not always need them, I still recommend them once every six months whether you need it or not. More often if you are emotionally turbulent. For practicing necromancers, I recommend it after ritual or at least once a week. If you attract a lot of dead to you, you might want to practice warding and regular clearing/banishing.Emotional balance is key to not attracting “Others”. They will seek out emotionally turbulent situations and people.

Some Additional Considerations

Another thing I want to point out, and this is important: Everyone you meet on the Internet today claims to be speaking to Daemons. More interestingly, I read natal charts exclusively for magicians. I have read thousands of charts over the years. The most common charts I read (about 85%) are people who are diviners and seers. That means they may be good at feeling things out, seeing into a situation, or sensing energy, BUT it also means they’re not necessarily mediums. Those gifts can be, and often are, mutually exclusive. Natural mediums are rarer. Only about 20% of the charts I read for magicians exclusively belong to people who have a natural gift of mediumship (i.e. spirit communication). Even less for people who are naturally gifted at both.

As actual mediums can tell you, connecting and speaking with the Daemonic can be exhausting. So be wary if you’re NOT tired or exhausted after an extended conversation with a Daemon. Connection with that energy can be hard on the physical human body. A lot of natural mediums report feeling like their skin is vibrating during an actual connection and sometimes after it. Even if you have a natural talent for it. So take that information for what it’s worth.

Finally, remember the 9th Code of Conduct“Do not proclaim to speak for the Daemonic. The Daemonic speak for themselves” and always keep that in mind when communing with the Daemonic and corresponding with fellow practitioners in an anonymous online world.

Group or Solitary

The pendulum seems to constantly swing when it comes to the popularity of
joining a group. Lately, I have noticed a large upswing of people who are looking for groups that they can join. Whether they are looking for camaraderie with like-minded individuals, pre-initiate training, or on going direction the pull to find a sect or group seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Maybe it is because we are growing tired of the social distancing and isolation that has infringed on our lives that people are seeking out connectivity in other ways to help bring back a sense of normalcy. Whatever the reason, belonging to a sect does have some advantages, but being solitary also has its perks, it’s all about what really works for you.


The first reason is pretty obvious, to be able to connect with others who share your beliefs and interests. This can be a lonely path, let’s be honest; and having others that share your perspective definitely helps us to feel less alone and isolated. Having people that can be our sounding board is another perk to being a member of a sect or coven. We may have a good idea if what we are thinking of trying will work, but being able to get input from other, more experienced practitioners can help us to fine tune our plans and perceptions.

Another perk to belonging to a group is of course formal training, at least at the pre-initiate level (although some groups do offer ongoing classes after initiation). Some people just do better when they have someone to act as a mentor when they are just starting off. Books are fantastic but knowing that you have someone that you can bring your questions to and who will guide you can be of great importance to people.

Depending on whether your group is local or not you would also be able to attend live rites and celebrate with others. You would also have access to Daemonolatry clergy for rites, rituals, and counselling should you ever have the need for them.

Downsides to belonging to a group is that where there are people there is bound to be drama as well. You may not get along with all your coven mates and that can make gatherings uncomfortable. If you have the need to be at the center of attention and a focal point all the time, then being in a group may not be the best fit for you. A coven is there for all members not to always focus on or elevate one over the others. Everyone needs to chip in to make it work for the betterment of all members.

A major problem with wanting to join a group is that there aren’t many Traditional Daemonolatry groups that are public or are accepting new members. Usually members are either born into a group or are brought in by other members and vouched for. Locating a local group is even harder than finding an online one, as they tend to be even more secretive and selective. It might take you a while to find a group, let alone the right one for you.


When you decide to be a solitary practitioner you are taking full responsibility for your path. You get to decide what you will study, practice, and incorporate into your daily practice. This can be both a wonderful thing or very stressful, depending on the type of person you are. You don’t have to worry about infighting or personality conflicts, but you will also be the one handling all aspects of your practice, sometimes with little support unless you know of other solitaries that you can talk to and bounce ideas off of.


I have been both a solitary practitioner and member of a coven and both have served me well. I can’t say that I prefer one over the other as both offered me different ways of growing and learning. Being a solitary taught me focus and the importance of being self-motivated as I was the one creating and performing the rites and rituals that were important to me. Being part of a sect has helped me to be more open-minded with other people’s perspectives, how to include everyone so that no one feels left out, and also has brought some amazing people into my life that I am proud to call my brothers and sisters.

There are definitely positives to being part of a coven or sect, but groups aren’t for everyone and it is OK to simply do your own thing.

Sticks and Stones: Using Crystals in the Garden

Tis the season for tending to our gardens and sometimes, no matter how much love we give our plants; they might start looking a bit tired and worn. We can always turn towards watering them more, or less; trying to control the amount of light, or even deal with pests that are bothering them as ways of making them healthier, but did you know that you can also use different stones and crystals?

Here is a short list of different gemstones and crystals that help to pull more energy to your plants so that they can truly blossom!

The “Stone of Encouragement” – Green Calcite is one of my go to stones if I notice my plants are looking a little weak or just aren’t thriving the way I know they should. This stone helps in active plants to flourish. You can either bury pieces of Green Calcite or just place them on top of the soil either will work.

Tigers Eye is a stone of strength and courage, as many of you already know; but did you know it can also help give your plants the support they need to grow strong? It is said that this stone also protects your plants from radiation and its effects. This is one stone though that you want to keep on top of the soil.

“The Gardener’s Talisman” – Moss Agate will create a connection between your energy and your plants. In general Moss Agate is considered a strong stone for balancing your internal chakras and is especially fantastic for health and vitality of your seedlings.

Another great stone for seedlings is everyone’s favorite Moonstone! Moonstone helps to regenerate lost cells faster and gives your plants the strength to create deep roots. You can either bury or leave this stone on top of the soil.

Are your plants looking a little wilted? Then you may want to grab a piece of Angelite. This stone helps your plants to withstand the pressure of the environment and promotes water flow and water balance. Use caution though as you don’t want this stone to actually touch water because it will become gypsum. It is best to let this stone sit near your plants or elevated in the pot. When it is time to cleanse this stone use Sage or put it near a piece of Selenite overnight.

Is there a lot of hustle and bustle in the area?  Just like most of us have a threshold point for noise and activity our plants also have their own personal thresholds. If moving the plant is out of the question pop some Green Aventurine into their pot to help ease the tension and stress and to absorb negative energy.

And lastly, Tourmaline holds the essence of the plant kingdom within itself and therefore channels energy from the earth right to our plants. Having that connection with deeper earth energy can only help our plants to thrive. This is a fantastic stone if you have indoor plants and want to nurture that deeper connection with the Earth current.

Summer Fire Festivals

The summer fire festivals in traditional Daemonolatry are wide and varied. It’s often a time of celebration of every Fire Daemon from Flereous and Asmodeus, to Andras and Buer. The Summer Solstice/Rite to Flereous always conjures fond memories of summers past spent doing ritual around bonfires and spending hours fire scrying. It also reminds me of outdoor BBQ’s with the coven.

You can see a Basic Rite to Flereous (Page 14 of the Basic Daemonolatry Rites document, and also in the Modern Demonolatry document) in our Free Library if you’d like ideas for celebration.

Solstice Fire Scrying Powder Recipes:

For Scrying Concentration

One Cup silver talc. one tablespoon of Mastic (to manifest one’s psychic ability)); one tablespoon of cinnamon (power); one tablespoon of myrrh (spirituality). Sprinkle onto the fire during the scrying session.

To make it as an oleum – leave out the talc. Add oil to equal parts of other ingredients. Anoint your third eye with small amount to aid in scrying. Meant to clear the mind and inspire sudden insight, the powder or oleum can also be used on divination tools. Best day to make it: Monday in the hour of the moon.

To Heighten Intuition and Divination Abilities

To one cup of purple or silver talc add one tablespoon Honeysuckle (psychic power), one tablespoon rose (psychic power) and one tablespoon of geranium (mental protection, which is important for empaths especially). I prefer using dried flower petals in this for the pleasant scent when you sprinkle it over the fire. Sometimes I’ll add Honeysuckle, Rose, and Geranium essential oils into the mix to heighten the scent.

This mixture helps to increase your natural clairvoyance. This, too can be made into an oleum by eliminating the talc and replacing it with a base oil (or just olive or grapeseed oil). You can use an oleum to anoint yourself and divination tools before a session. Best day to make it: Again, Monday in the hour of the Moon.

May your summer scrying and divination sessions be fruitful! May your rites be well attended. Hail Flereous, Lord of Fire.

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Powers of the Sphinx

  • Scire: To Know (Also Noscere)
  • Velle: To Will
  • Audere: To Dare
  • Tacere: To Keep Silent

The powers of the sphinx are the most basic and fundamental principles in a good number of Western magical traditions. This includes everything from hermetics, ceremonial magicks, witchcraft, and just about everything in between. Including Daemonolatry. One of the first things we learned in pre-initiate training were the Powers of the Sphinx. (Feel free to adjust the following elemental Daemonic correspondences according to your pantheon.)

Scire, To Know, is of Lucifer and Air. Ruled by Aquarius and represented by the human head of the sphinx.

Velle, To Will, is of Flereous and of Fire. Ruled by Leo and represented by the lion body of the sphinx.

Audere, To Dare, is of Leviathan and of Water. Ruled by Scorpio and represented by the eagle wings of the sphinx.

And finally, Tacere, To Keep Silent, is of Belial and of Earth. Ruled by Taurus and represented by the bull, which is the tail of the sphinx.

Notice the Air, Fire, Water, Earth progression (clockwise) and corresponding fixed zodiac signs and elemental Daemonic forces. Those alone should give you additional correspondences should you need them if you chose, perhaps, to delve deeper into this process.

And it is a process because the Powers themselves are basically the steps of the process of magick. So, the first is to know. One must know how to employ the magick at his current level of knowledge. Two, one must have proper application of will to lend the appropriate energy to the magical operation. Third, one must have the strength to Dare and do the magick (in a Daemonolater’s case, to work with the Daemonic). and Finally, fourth, we don’t need to tell everyone about the work we’re doing. That’s between us and the spirits/forces we’re working with. Those who have true power and dominion, the powerful magicians, need not boast of their magick. Probably best to keep it under wraps.

In a coven setting, To Know is the process of learning (which is everpresent). To Will, is to set your mind to doing the work. To Dare, is to get off your ass and actually do the work. To keep silent is often to keep completely silent about the work, and the coven. So there are a lot of ways the Powers of the Sphinx can be applied.

So where do these foundational principles come from? They come from the basic fundamental foundation of most western magickal practices. Eliphas Lévi discussed the Powers of the Sphinx in Transcendental Magick to some effect.

To learn how to will is to learn how to exercise dominion. But to be able to exert will power you must first know; for will power applied to folly is madness, death, and hell.” — Lévi’s Transcendental Magick

“In order to DARE we must KNOW; in order to WILL, we must DARE; we must WILL to possess empire and to reign we must BE SILENT.” — Lévi’s Transcendental Magick

“When one does not know, one should will to learn. To the extent that one does not know it is foolhardy to dare, but it is always well to keep silent.” — Eliphas Lévi

Some also point out that To Keep Silent can be about making the magick your own. As above, so below. To know, to know thyself. To will, to employ your own willpower. To dare, to create the ritual most pleasing to you AND the spirits you’re working with (as above, so below). To Keep Silent, the knowledge of yourself and your work – and therefore the Gods. So there are many considerations there.

Those in some traditions may even add – To Manifest as a fifth element. However, I am more inclined to view manifestation as not being part of the “process” itself. It’s what comes of the process. It’s the natural end result of it.

I invite everyone reading this to sit in meditation with the Powers of the Sphinx and consider the process on your own. Each of us will come to our own, intimate understanding of it, and its value in our practice.

Zagan & Other Sledgehammer Daemons

I often get the question when should Zagan be utilized in ritual work to manifest meaningful change. I was even asked recently if someone should do a Zagan Rite for a couple trying to get pregnant.

So first — before you jump on the Zagan bandwagon pause, assess, and think of all the pros and cons of working with a Daemon like Zagon before rushing into the temple to change you or someone else’s life.

First things first – Zagon is one of the Daemons that turns something into its opposite. So, if you’re broke and unemployed, and that seems to be your natural setting, Zagan might be a good choice. However, if this is simply a temporary situation, a less forceful Daemon like Belphegor or Belial might do the trick. Think of it this way — are you trying to take down a wall, pound in a nail, or push in a tack? Would you take a sledgehammer to a tack? For most people, the answer is no. Tacks only require a little force, whereas a nail may need more force to get them in. To take down a wall, however…

It’s all about knowing what is necessary, the resources you have in your toolbox, and working with the right tool for the job. Think of Zagan’s influence as a sledgehammer. I would apply his influence sparingly, and only in cases where things need to change (i.e. you need to knock down a wall). So, for example, if you constantly find yourself broke and unable to hold a job – you really need to get your life together – go ahead and call in Zagan. But if you’re rarely unemployed and you don’t usually experience financial hardship, save Zagan’s influence for something else.

The same thing applies when you’re doing work for others. If you want to help some happy newlyweds get pregnant, consider kinder, gentler Daemonic influence to help them conceive. Don’t bring in a sledgehammer to put a nail in the wall for a picture. You’ll put a hole in the wall, and you could inadvertently destroy the relationship of the happy couple without meaning to.

Some other good reasons to call in Zagan:

  • You want to overcome a self-destructive addiction.
  • You need to change your life before you end up hurting yourself or others.
  • You are crippling yourself or drowning in your own ineptitude.

Those are all great reasons to pull out the sledgehammer, take down the wall, and rebuild with something that better serves you.

See – Zagan has this tendency to take a person’s life and flip it upside down. This is usually not a pleasant or peaceful process. There could potentially be a lot of pain, suffering, and fear involved. The point being that sometimes you have to tear everything down to the foundation in order to rebuild it into something better. But sometimes you don’t need that. You have to develop the discernment and wisdom to know when to tear something down, or just to apply a little force.

There are other Daemons out there like Zagan. Ones that I don’t recommend practitioners work with without thorough consideration unless they don’t mind the 2×4 of reality knocking them upside the head. Don’t get me wrong – I get it – sometimes we all need some tough love, just make sure you’re choosing the right-sized hammer for the job. Do you want your hopes and dreams crushed by reality? Do you mind losing certain things you love in order to get better things? These are the kinds of questions only YOU can answer for yourself.

Other hard hitting Daemonic forces you should be mindful of working with include:

Sorath – Sorath will make you face ALL of the fears holding you back, including some you didn’t even know you had. Sorath also tends to test one’s time management skills, communication skills, business sense, and skill overall just to see if you can hack it. Especially if you’re working with him to take your career to a new level. He also tends to bring up the past and things you may not be so proud of – making you deal with them, and that’s never fun.

Claunek – While Claunek may be relatively tame for some folks (hey – a lot of folks love Claunek) – for some people (those who are paying attention at least), he’s going to point out all your weaknesses (including skills, character flaws etc…) and make you face the facts about your career/job/etc. This can be extremely painful when it comes to making you face dream crushing realities. At that point, of course, it’s up to you whether or not you listen to what he’s telling you. He’ll highlight your problem areas — it’s up to you to fix them. Otherwise you’ll just end up in the same place you were before you worked with him. (Pathworking Hint: If you keep finding yourself in the same situation over and over again, it’s you.)

Thoth – Oh, harmless Thoth. You’re probably wondering why I added him to the list. Well, again, any magician actually paying attention when they work with Thoth will be forced to up their game at whatever outcome they’re seeking (especially if you’re seeking to improve a skill). Thoth doesn’t tolerate laziness, irresponsibility, or half-assed anything. So if you want to learn, for example, to be a more effective magician (as Thoth can help with that) – you better be serious, and you better not be a lazy, half-assed student. He will metaphorically shine a light on all your mistakes, flaws, and shortcomings, then force you to practice over and over again until you eventually improve. Or he’ll subject you to scathing criticism from your peers. People generally have one of two reactions from this. They either reassess, self-edit, practice and improve, or they drop it like a hot rock and cower in a cave of self-loathing somewhere. I’ve watched that happen to a few folks over the years. Ouch.

There are a few others, but those are some of the heavier hitters.

Will every magician experience these same things with these Daemons? No. Of course not. A magician’s personality, their ability for self-assessment and self-improvement, their relationship with the Daemonic force in question (and how they harmonize with that force), their coping skills, and the person’s actual life situation and goals will all play a heavy role in HOW the magickal operation manifests and how hard-hitting the Daemon actually is.

Also note that if you have a life jarring experience with one of these Daemons – that doesn’t make you a bad magician unless you don’t grow and change as a result. Just like people who have never had a life jarring experience with a Daemon are not better magicians. Actually – people who have great experiences with every Daemon they run across likely aren’t doing the self-work and self-assessment required to grow as a person.

My goal in sharing this article isn’t to ward anyone away from working with these Daemons. Just to encourage you to stop and think before running into the temple to summon a sledgehammer for your tack (or nail) of a problem.

Why We Balance

If you have taken any of the classes that Steph and I have taught over the past two years you will have undoubtedly heard us harp on a couple of things, one being discernment and the other the importance of incorporating Elemental Balancing into your regular practice. There are reasons why we hammer these things as much as we do, and it really isn’t because we like to hear ourselves speak.

We each have a default setting, if you will; when it comes to our elemental makeup and sometimes what we have naturally will not serve us or will simply leave us a bit off balanced. Elemental Balancing can help us make up for shortfalls or overages.

My own makeup is far from balanced: Earth – 4 Air – 2 Fire –  1 Water – 5. Earth is known for being a grounding force and Water for emotions, the pairing of such high amounts of Earth and Water tells us that I am most likely prone to stagnation and over-wrought emotions. Low Air and Fire can be indicative of not having enough energy to make things happen in my life and perhaps a lack of clarity when it comes to making choices. Not the best mix, is it?

Before knowing my elemental makeup I was prone to all those issues, in spades. I was always wondering why I felt like I was at the mercy of my emotions and long periods of lethargy. It was beyond frustrating, to say the least.

These imbalances can have an affect on both our mundane and magickal lives. If you have too much earth you may have a hard time raising energy, if you have too much water you may have a difficult time grounding yourself.

Knowing what your default setting is can also help you to determine what forms of divination you might have a natural affinity for. With heavy earth and water I can go any number of directions from stones and wood (Ogham) to water, ink, and blood scrying. That being said, anything utilizing fire or air (smoke) are not my strongest suits. I can do them, but they just don’t come as easily to me as other forms. If I attempt to do them after I have done a balancing ritual it is definitely easier than when I just try to jump in willy nilly.

Figuring out what your elemental balance is isn’t that hard, you just need to pull your natal chart, and there are many sites that can do that for free. I highly recommend that you take a deeper look into what you are made up of so that you can be as effective as possible in your workings and to help you to make the most out of the life you are living.

Introduction to Intuitive Tarot

Introduction to Tarot. 4 week class.
When: Saturdays at 2pm EST beginning June 6 and ending June 27.

Instructor: Shaelyn Grey

This class is will cover the basics needed to be able to start you on your path in reading cards for friends, family, and clients; without feeling as if you need to rely on a book to interpret the cards.

In addition to delving into the Major and Minor Arcana, we will also discuss how to choose future decks and why having multiple decks can be helpful, the importance of colours and numbers, and will go over several types of spreads.

Class will be held via a private Facebook group so that videos can be accessed in the future.

If you are new to Tarot it is recommended that you get a Rider-Waite deck or Rider-Waite based deck to use. If you have a deck and are unsure if it is suitable please contact me and I will be more than happy to let you know.

Deadline to sign up June 3, 2020.

Stones & Crystals Class

Date of Class: MAY 23, 2020 2PM EST

Cost of Class: $25.00

Instructor: Shaelyn Grey

Are you trying to figure out which stones or crystals you should work with? Overwhelmed with the options? Interested in learning how to better utilize stones and crystals in your magickal practice? Then this workshop is for you.

This class will be done via a private FaceBook group and you will have access to the videos for at least a year.

We will look at the best best way to select your stones, how to properly cleanse and prep them for working, which stones are best for different workings and the stones that should be in your go to bag and why.

If you have questions: