Prayer & Meditation

This guest post written by HP, HLP, SP Mark

I wanted to write about “some basics” this time. We, as a community, often times overlook or forget about the basics. We’re all guilty (admit it) of at one time or another thinking of jumping to advance rituals and/or workings without learning or strengthening the basics. I would argue that meditation is the single most important thing you need to learn, master and practice some more. Meditation puts us in tune with the Demonic. Meditation allows us to shut off our chattering brain so we can actually receive any message that is trying to be sent our way. It’s the first thing I ask someone about when they tell me, “nothing is working” or “I call to the spirits but nothing happens”. “Are you meditating regularly?” I ask. Usually the answer is “no, that’s boring.”

If it’s boring, you’re probably doing it wrong. Most people don’t want to come out of a good meditation. I’m not going to go too deep into meditation here as I want to focus more on prayer. Also, to cover it properly would just take too long. If you are part of House of Delepitoré, I have free classes on meditation posted.I do however, want to stress the importance of meditation and if you aren’t doing it, you should be. It’s the first thing I try to drive into my students head. Meditate!

So, let’s look at prayer. Prayer is a great way to start and/or end your day. Prayer is a great way to communicate, to receive guidance, to show honor and admiration. Prayer is powerful. I can’t think of any religion that doesn’t have some sort of prayer. Maybe there is but, I can’t think of any. If you are just starting out in Demonolatry, you are probably thinking what prayers do I use. I don’t know any. What am I going to do? Fear not, devil worshipper, I can help you out. First, I recommend getting Daemonic Prayer and Prayer Cords by S. Connolly.

It’s (in my opinion) the best place to start for determining what prayers to use. Now, it is good to use “established” prayers but you should also create your own. Stephanie covers that in her book but I am going to go over my take on that here. Take it or leave it. The only thing it will cost you is the time to continue reading. Perhaps a more simplified version. The importance of any prayer, whether you wrote it or someone else, is when we pray, we are in a specific state of mind. Everything else is put aside and you are saying, “Hey, Satan. I am devoting this time to you. I am thinking about you. I am talking to you. What I have to say is important.” Satan is my Patron so, I will be using him for my examples.

The power of prayer is real. Prove it? On the same time every morning for the next week, say a devotional prayer to (insert Demon here). Track how it feels after each prayer session. Do you feel a stronger connection after each day of prayer? You should.

“How am I supposed to write my own prayer?” I’m glad you asked. We want to address who we are praying to and what we want. Do we want to show devotion, ask for something or maybe a little of both? Let’s do something like this: Lord Satan, see me. Lord Satan, hear me. Lord Satan, let my energy combine with yours to make me a better and stronger person in body and spirit. Guide me in my decisions. Let my actions honor you. Let me learn from my mistakes but protect me from harm. All this I ask in my Lord Satan. Hail Satan. Ave Satanas.

Of course this is a simple example. So many people I talk to think they can’t write their own prayers. They think unless the prayer was published or recited over a few thousand times at a church that it doesn’t work. This isn’t cooking. Prayer books are not cook books. Prayers should come from your heart. Make it your own. Make it special. Most importantly is to just do it and not over think it. There is no magic formula for prayers. The occultist’s worst enemy is themselves when they only talk about doing instead of actually doing it. Whether it’s prayer, magick, rituals, whatever. Get off your ass and do it.

May 2021 Tarotscope

Hi there! I’m back a little earlier than anticipated. Instead of putting up a longer Tarotscope for the New Moon as planned, I’ve opted to create a shorter write-up in time for the beginning of the month. This is when I will post from now on.

This month, I will be using The Fallen Angel Oracle by Nigel Suckling. This 72-card deck draws upon the daemons of both Johann Weyer’s De Praestigiis Daemonum and The Ars Goetia. Indeed, this would be my ideal Goetia deck if not for a couple of issues with it. Its dream-like, digitally rendered imagery brings to mind a scrying mirror, with symbolism drawn right from the texts. However, the meanings associated with each daemon do not always mesh well with their depiction in traditional Daemonolatry or with my perception of them. Secondly, while the creator has chosen to include the three daemons Weyer purposely left out of his original text, Pruflas remains in favor of the Goetia’s Vassago. In general, I find these cards act best as devices that help me remember the oracular meanings attributed to daemons of the Goetia in Sigillum Diaboli by S. Connolly, as well as those drawn from my own gnosis. That is primarily how I use The Fallen Angel Oracle, and I prefer to ignore the keywords written on the cards because of it. That is how I will be using the deck for this month’s reading.

Top Row: Morax. Middle Row Ipos, Belial Reversed, Marbas, Orias, Vuall, Murmur. Bottom Row: Andromalius, Ronove, Vapula Reversed, Barbatos, Decarabia, Zepar Reversed.

All signs – Morax – The dust has settled, and your troubles are over. Yet keep in mind that there is still something to be learned from the conflict that has just passed, so don’t put it out of your mind too hastily. Morax is a teaching demon – and one who takes lessons seriously. You should too or you’re likely to see this problem again. In May, all signs need to take a moment to contemplate where they are and what has happened in recent months. What part did you play in the events that occurred?

Aries – Ipos – Muster your courage, Aries. Unexpected difficulties force your hand this month, asking you to make a decision before you are ready. Try to take a moment to reflect before you make your choice. You need to look at the situation from as many angles as possible first.

Taurus – Belial Reversed – The fire within you burns low this month, Taurus. Sluggishness leads to lower productivity and even a tendency towards irresponsibility in your daily life. Be careful not to let poor habits impact your financial affairs. Like a garden, these need regular attention.

Gemini – Marbas – Confused, Gemini? Not sure what to do? Turning over this card suggests you are too close to a situation this month and need to take a large step back to gain an unbiased perspective. Taking yourself out of this issue as much as possible will reveal the way out of the problem.

Cancer – Orias – Nice weather this month inspires good times with friends and family, Cancer. Take care not to overindulge during your celebrations – and to look after yourself better in general. Pulling this card indicates you have been neglecting an area of your physical health and should attend to that need.

Leo – Vuall Reversed – Socializing isn’t a big part of your schedule this month, Leo. You would rather spend time alone with your thoughts. Remember your head can be an echo chamber; it’s important to seek outside voices, especially in times of distress. You don’t have to be a hermit.

Virgo – Murmur – This daemon’s keyword is dissolution. Take advantage when the obstacle that once held you back dissolves in May, leaving the path before you open. But that does not mean you are a master yet, Virgo. You have a lot to learn before you can move forward efficiently. This month offers a chance to learn something new and broaden your horizons as well.

Libra – Andromalius – May looks to be a great time for you, Libra. Turning over this daemon’s card typically points to good fortune and happiness in the near future. Andromalius not only protects from theft but can help discover hidden treasures. Think outside the box when looking for these. Not every gift can be held in your hands.

Scorpio – Ronove – Like the daemon of the month, Ronove is also a teacher. Turning over this card only emphasizes how much you need to learn during this period. It also places a focus on structured lessons, so your schooling may take place within the context of formal education. Regardless, consider May a time to expand your mind and skills.

Sagittarius – Vapula Reversed – Dissatisfied with your creative output, Sagittarius? Then consider the saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s come time to give your brain better stimulation this month. If you want to make great things, the media you consume must be of similar high quality – which is to say nothing of the amount to intake. What’s your human/media balance? It requires friction with another being to ignite the creative spark.

Capricorn – Barbatos – This is indeed a period of growth and education, Capricorn, but many of the lessons to be learned are not yours. Instead, you may feel caught in the middle this month as two or more parties work out their issues. Although you are entangled in another person’s problems, there is a deeper wisdom to be gained by helping them navigate the situation.

Aquarius – Decarabia – Sometimes we can’t see the truth. Turning over Decarabia’s card means that deception comes to light this month. But hold up, Aquarius. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have been lied to, either. You may be held back by negative self-talk that just isn’t true. May is the time to take these limiting beliefs apart by investing your efforts in some mental readjustment.

Pisces – Zepar Reversed – Spring is still in the air! The First Rite of Leviathan sparks chemistry between partners, casual and committed. Expect heightened levels of emotional connection overall this month, Pisces. Yet this card suggests not to be too obvious in your affections until after passions have cooled. The age-old question remains, “Will they still love me in the morning?”

That’s it for May! I hope this brief look at The Fallen Angel Oracle (and Sigillum Diaboli!) finds you well. If you require a more in-depth Tarot, Oracle, or Daemonic card reading, my listing is available here and on my website. You can take a peek into my daily tarot journaling on Instagram, and always find my books on Daemonolatry here.

See you in June. If it’s summer where you are – enjoy it!

– Will


An article by HP, SP, HLP Mark

Recently I was discussing different results of past rituals with a friend. They were complaining that many of their workings were falling flat when involving the Daemonic. Their background was more of a kitchen witch type than that of a ceremonial magician. As we continued our discussion I began to realize they were expecting cook book results. In other words, if I do A, B and C and add some D and E, I will automatically get F. As he continued to talk I thought about his expectations. When we work with the Daemonic (or any spirits for that matter), why do we expect them to help just be cause we called them with a Yew wand and some Dragon’s Blood? 

Let’s say we have two neighbors, there names are Larry and Gerald. We need help with some yard work. We don’t really know Larry. We see him outside once in a while. He never comes over for coffee or a visit. We don’t go to his house to meet the family or even share a joke. Just a friendly wave now and again is all we exchange. Where as Gerald comes over once in a while for a cook out and maybe even to watch a football game with you. So, you decide you need to ask for help. Your magical items for this ritual is a six pack of beer for an offering and a shovel for a wand that represents the work that needs to be done.

Which neighbor do you think is gonna help you? Not to mention if we decide to ask for help versus command our neighbor with threats of Jehovah raining bugs on their garden if they don’t assist. The relationships we make with the Daeominc and/or spirits is very important in the success of our rituals. I think this is an element that we often overlook. It is important to harvest a good relationship with the Daemonic before we start requesting favors. It’s the same with our friends. Some may lay their reputations or even lives on the line for you because of how deep the relationship with them really is.I think you will also notice if you let a relationship with a specific Daemon fade away because you haven’t acknowledged their existence for a year or two, will need to be refreshed or rebuilt. Same as if you don’t talk to your neighbor, Gerald. You have to let him know you still care. Don’t believe me?

For one month, try a daily ritual of honoring Belial (for example) without requesting anything. Just leave offerings and connect with Belial. Then after a month, request through ritual something that you need. See what your results are. Then try asking a Daemon you have never worked with before and see what your results are like after your initial ritual without any relationship being established. Just a side note, when I say “relationship” I am not referring to any kind of sexual relationship. So, let’s not even go there.

I think it is very important for us as magicians to have a daily practice to honor those of the Daemonic that we are close to and enjoy working with. Now, before you say, “I don’t have time to do a ritual every day. I work too much or my family takes too much time.”, etc., etc., etc. Bullshit! The same people who claim that always seem to have enough time to post on Facebook about how depressed they are or what they are having for dinner or what asshole politician is making them mad this week. There is absolutely no reason that you can not at least pray to the Daemonic each day, leave a small offering or do a short ritual to them. Its the same as anything else in our lives, if we want it or like it enough, we will find time in our day for it.

This also ties into Steph’s previous blog about sacrifice. If I can’t sacrifice a little for them, why should they sacrifice anything for me. So, next time you think your magic isn’t working and you start to dissect your rituals, instead of just checking planetary charts, moon phases, correct incenses, etc., don’t forget to ask yourself, how strong is the relationship here and is it worthy of what I’m asking for help with. 

April 2021 Tarotscope

Tarotscope for April 12 to May 10, 2021

Hello again! Is spring treating you right? It’s fickle where I am, where we can get snow up to May. That’s almost melted now, and the trees are budding. Gardeners can’t wait to get started. May you be just as excited for the next lunar cycle’s potential!

This time around, I chose the Animal Totem Tarot. Although I enjoyed using this deck, I wouldn’t recommend it to beginning readers trying to learn the Rider-Waite system. While its imagery evokes strong reactions, it simply strays too far from the original symbolism to be helpful with that. Instead, this deck is better seen as a loose reinterpretation of the original Rider-Waite meanings through the lens of animal energies.

Sadly, the animal names are not on the cards along with the Tarot designations. This forces readers to turn to the book just to learn the exact name of the species when they might want to ignore the text altogether. I hope this is rectified in later editions. I also hope more care is given to the use of the word ‘totem’ in follow-up editions. I won’t argue with whether or not the word choice was appropriate, but I think a bit more explanation of where it came from is at least warranted. Despite this, I feel this is a deck worth a look-see for advanced readers who are interested in working with animal energies on a starting level.

Here are the thirteen cards pulled for April 12 to May 10, 2021, the lunar cycle starting on the New Moon.

Justice, the card for all signs, featuring the Crane.

All Signs – JusticeCrane – All signs are tasked with picking up the judge’s gavel this lunar cycle. However, while Justice may sometimes be associated with ideas of punishment, retribution, and making things even, here it is depicted with the Crane’s near Zen-like state of perfect balance. Does that mean you need to be a master of meditation to make this cycle’s choices? No, but a little couldn’t hurt. The Crane’s beak points skyward, indicating that it serves a higher purpose than that of any party in the dispute. By taking time to clear your head, you can likewise set ego aside and make unbiased decisions that benefit the community as a whole. The Crane emphasizes how taking yourself out of the equation will lead to impartial resolutions.

The cards (from left to right) for Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, featuring the Echidna, Orca, and Roadrunner.

Aries – Five of Swords – Echidna – What you see isn’t always what you get, Aries. This lunar cycle teaches others not to be deceived by appearances. Although the Echidna looks like a porcupine or hedgehog, it isn’t one. It even lays eggs like a snake or bird but is a mammal. Like these unique Australian animals, you are full of surprises others can’t see coming, and that will give you the edge this period. Just remember: victory is often short-lived. It can be better to share in achievement than to lord it over others. Plan for your next goal while riding this high.

Taurus – Chariot – Orca – No one moves through their environment without affecting it. The Orca emphasizes that altering the kind of movements you make will similarly change the effects you produce. Flail around in the water, and you will make only uncontrolled splashes. Yet once you determine your course, you can easily cut through the waves. The question is: is this the right direction for you, Taurus? Sometimes those under this zodiac sign can get so swept up in the day-to-day details of accomplishing their goals that they lose sight of the islands on the horizon. Be sure your momentum carries you exactly where you want to go this lunar cycle. You are the master of your personal seas.

Gemini – Page of Swords – Roadrunner – Now you see it, now you don’t! Like a flash, the Roadrunner disappears. Inspiration can be the same way, here one moment and gone the next. If you have been waiting for a message from the universe, you have to be ready to take notes when the message arrives. Keep an open mind, Gemini. Don’t squash a young idea just because it seems weird at first. Out-of-the-box thinking is par for the course this lunar cycle. Really stuck on a problem? The Roadrunner suggests taking a break and getting a few minutes of physical exercise or a breath of fresh air.

The cards (from left to right) for Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, featuring the Sting Ray, The Grasshopper, and the Harrier Hawk.

Cancer – Two of Wands – Stingray – Everything has its season. There is a moment for planning and strategy, and a moment for action. So, make sure your priorities are in order this lunar cycle, Cancer. Figure out what you want. Opportunities surround you, and you have to move decisively if you don’t want to miss them. They are just as quick to disappear again as they were to first pop up in your life. Eventually, you must act on your dreams if you want them to come true. Stingray indicates that if you do not cross the finish line, it is time to turn around and find something else that excites you instead.

Leo – The Fool – Grasshopper – Grasshoppers became metaphorically synonymous with curious students back in the 1970s through the TV series Kung Fu. Since then, the concept has entered popular speech through catchphrases such as “You have much to learn, Grasshopper.” When this version of the Fool turns up, Leo, it implies it is time to loosen up and take a bit of a leap. You’re being asked to take some kind of risk this lunar cycle. Just remember: even if you’re out of your comfort zone and feel like a beginner, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Grasshopper character often gained potent wisdom through the adventures he undertook on TV. You possess the same chance right now. Listen to your instincts when you sense which way the wind is blowing and jump!

Virgo – Two of PentaclesHarrier Hawk – Even though the Harrier Hawk doesn’t have hands, it has perfected the art of juggling multiple demands at once. It must be a fierce predator as well as a devoted caretaker to its young. During this lunar cycle, you will also be called upon to multitask or fulfill more than one role at a time. When this happens, mirror the Harrier Hawk and return to your nest to recharge when you feel you’ve taken on too much. This place of security reconnects you not only to your personal power but the strength of the Earth, the ally upon which you can always call. Minimize feeling overwhelmed by prioritizing and specializing wherever you can. You do not need to do everything, Virgo. You only need to do your job well.

The cards (from left to right) for Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, featuring the Bowerbird, Swan, and Salamander.

Libra – Four of Wands – Bowerbird – The Bowerbird stands puffed up with pride, aglow with the achievement of creating the ideal nest. He’s so sure of his work that he’s already gathered gifts for a mate he hasn’t met yet. Seeing Bowerbird means a cycle has nearly come to completion in your life. Success is within your reach, Libra, and you are ready to celebrate too. But don’t invite party guests before your own nest is finished. You still have some last-minute details to put into place. Gather your supplies this lunar cycle and let the anticipation rise. Do the rest of the work. You’re too close to give up now!

Scorpio – The Lovers – Swan – When people see The Lovers card, they typically ask, “Who will I meet?” and never “What will I bring to the union?” Stop to ponder if you are still bringing ugly duckling vibes to the table by dragging no longer applicable perspectives and baggage into new relationships. Are you presenting the best ‘you’ in your encounters, romantic and otherwise? It takes two to tango, and if you want joy and excitement in your relationships, you have to contribute that to them. Never forget that your heart is a gift you are offering, Scorpio. If you don’t think that it is something worth having, chances are no one else will either. Love has to begin at home first this lunar cycle. Now may be the time to practice daily positive affirmations.

Sagittarius – Page of Wands – Salamander – The upcoming lunar cycle focuses on sparking and exploring newfound creativity, Sagittarius. This is not a time to worry about being an expert, but to get your fingers dirty and enjoy the learning process. Let the excitement carry you over the rough spots. However, some may question why an amphibian like the Salamander has been chosen for this fiery card. Outside of its mythological association with fire, the Salamander emphasizes that you don’t need to rush inspiration all at once or feel the need to conform to stereotypes of what a creative should be. This is a creature that seeks water to survive. Temper your creative passions as needed this lunar period so you not only can handle the flames but won’t burn out.

The cards (from left to right) for Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, featuring the Sugar Glider, Elephant, and Oyster.

Capricorn – Six of Swords – Sugar Glider – Do you feel like you’re ready to walk away from it all, Capricorn? Six of Swords energy this lunar cycle says you have outgrown your current situation and are looking for another place to land. Probable peril awaits, but the Sugar Glider cannot let worry hamper its leap. Neither should you. Trust in your skills and resources as you spread your arms and soar on the currents of change. This time in your life is not about the journey but emphasizes the discomfort of staying where you are now. If nothing else, schedule a mental vacation soon.

Aquarius – Three of Swords – Elephant – The Three of Swords indicates that a loss of some type weighs heavy on your heart during this lunar cycle. Now is the perfect time to set a moment aside to purposely honor and respect that grief. When we feel pain, it is important to acknowledge and experience it. Heartaches help form who we are in the present and in the future, Aquarius. The Elephant says we must visit this emotion, but not necessarily live with it forever. Turning over the Three of Swords represents difficult memories, but also points towards healing and moving through processing them.

Pisces – The Star – Oyster – Be careful what you wish for this lunar cycle, Pisces. Whenever something gets into an Oyster that irritates its tender insides, it enshrouds the irritation with a mineral deposit that eventually becomes a pearl. This suggests that there is no way of getting what you want right now without at least a little aggravation. You have to ask yourself: do you want it enough? This is the true power of the Star. It not only symbolizes our hopes and dreams but the work that we must put out to achieve them. You can sparkle if you’re willing to sweat a little first. So, what will it be?

This concludes another Tarotscope. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this reading for the upcoming lunar cycle and a brief look at animal energies. For those interested in a deeper delve into what lies ahead, I provide readings with Tarot, Lenormand, Animal Oracles, or Daemonic Sigils.  You can find my full listing here or on my website. I also share a glimpse into my personal readings daily on Instagram. You can also check out my books about Daemonolatry, here.

See you next time!

– Will

The Elements of Our Nature

Through the current of all Western occult schools of thought (including Daemonolatry) the elements (earth, air, fire, water) are ever present. A lot of LHP or “dark” practitioners tend to view it as white-light, fluffy bunny, Wicca stuff. But where do you think Wicca got it from? There are much older schools of magickal thought that incorporate the elements. The elements not only play an important part in magick, but also Daemonic magick. Surely you’ve noticed all the Daemons (even those of the Goetia) tend to have an element associated with them.

Everything, from magickal tools, to herbs, to astrological signs have elemental associations attached. Which means that YES, even you have an elemental makeup based on your natal chart. This is why Traditional Daemonolaters incorporate the practice of Elemental Balancing.

Let’s take a look at the elements and astrological signs and wrap in some magick, shall we? (Please note that the following does not include EVERY trait of every element. Just a general overview.)

EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs tend to be pragmatic and practical and often studious. Magickally, they excel at grounding and manifestation. They make good kitchen witches (green witches, natural witches) and magickal gardeners. They may have an affinity for stone and crystal magick. They also tend to prefer hands-on, tangible magickal practices. They may have an affinity for Necromancy. Some negative traits may include procrastination, the tendency to ground energy (even by accident), and if they can’t unground themselves, they may experience difficulty with divination and ascension. It can be hard to be pragmatic while also allowing your intuition free rein. That said, I know plenty of earth elements who excel at both divination and ascension.

Please note that if you don’t fit your element, it’s okay. Chances are you have something else at work in your chart. We’re all naturally a combination of all the elements, usually with 1-2 heavier than the rest.

AIR (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air elements tend to be thinkers. When it comes to their magickal practice, they may enjoy book-heavy studies, well-thought systems, and old grimoires. Air elements can make great arm-chair magicians and magickal scholars. They are often rather creative magicians as well. However, many airy people also tend to be quite adept at spirit communication, astral work, and ascension (even if they don’t know it). Many mediums and necromancers have airy qualities in the right houses of their chart. Negative traits may include overthinking things and an inability to focus. Magickal procrastination can also be an issue due to those traits (analysis paralysis).

FIRE (Aries, Leo, Saggitarius)

Fire elements are passionate, spontaneous, and energetic. This makes them magickal doers. They may even jump to magick before thinking a situation through. They are great at building energy and unleashing it. Sex magick may be right up their alley and ignite their passion. Any magick involving intense/passionate emotion manifests quickly for them. They can make good diviners if they can learn to control their intense flashes of insight. Invocation and gate opening tend to come naturally to people with fire in the right houses of their chart. Some negative traits can include the inability to stick with a single subject or practice for too long. (Many folks who jump from one occult paradigm to another with some frequency often have too much fire, or too much air (to their detriment), causing an inability to focus or stick with a single thing for very long.)

WATER (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Water signs are often seen as the weak, wilting flowers of all the signs because they tend to feel deeply and exhibit intense emotions. That’s because water elements are the most psychic. Their intuition and empathy surpasses all the other elements often making them natural oracles. If they have a solid combination of water and air in the right places, they tend to be strong psychic mediums. They tend more toward chaos magick and creative magick because they want to follow their intuitive senses. Chances are most of the magicians who created the magickal systems we know today were likely water/air combinations. Because, like their airy counterparts, water elements can be deeply creative. Some negative traits – Water elements can get so wrapped up in what they’re feeling that they may find themselves unable to direct their energy toward a magickal goal with any effect. Emotional compromise = stalemate for those who may have too much water.

And there you have a very general overview of the elements, the astrological signs, and the magickal strengths for each. Have a great April! (P.S. If you are interested in having the magickal markers in your natal chart read – GO HERE.)

And Throw in the Kitchen Sink

People seem to fall into two distinct categories when it comes to magickal work: go with the minimal approach and focus on obstacles incrementally or throw everything at the problem and its obstacles and hope something sticks.

This issue extends to the popular push to work with multiple daemons at once. If one or two daemons would be good then 8 plus must be better! Then these same people come and complain that nothing is happening and they ask if working with more daemons would help things get moving.

Maybe its just me, but I like things to be simple, or at least as simple and straightforward as possible. When you start adding in too many variables and daemons you stand the chance of either A) not getting the result that you want because your focus was not where it needed to be, or B) getting knocked on your ass because there was too much happening energy wise.

This same issue of more being better is also seen in the practice of non Trad/Gen Daemonolators picking both a Matron and a Patron. The saying “you can’t serve two masters” comes to mind. Yes, I know that we will have relationships with other daemons but that isn’t the same as the bond you have with your Patron or Matron.

If your magick isn’t working and you have been using the throw everything at it approach, it might be time to narrow down your focus, determine what obstacles need to be addressed first, and then take a more targetted approach. Chances are you will get better results and have closer relationships with the daemons you choose to work with.

Tarotscope for Mar 13 to Apr 11 2021

Tarotscope for Mar 13 to Apr 11 2021 by William Briar

Hello again! Welcome to the first of my monthly Tarotscopes. In time for each New Moon, I hope to present you with a card reading for the upcoming lunar cycle. The decks and style of reading may vary, but the intent will always be the same: to provide the readers of with guidance from the cards for the weeks ahead. 

Here are the thirteen cards that I have pulled for March 13 to April 11, 2021. For this lunar cycle, I chose the Everyday Witch Tarot—though we are going without pictures this month due to a difficulty I encountered with WordPress. First month glitches!

The card representing all signs for this lunar period is the King of Cups. During this time, we may want to stop and reflect on our interactions with those around us. Are we watching from a distance instead of engaging to keep ourselves safe? Are we getting close only when we know we will receive a positive response? The King of Cups asks us to consider both the risks and rewards of emotional connection.

AriesThe Prince of Swords says an idea has seized you, and you have thrown everything aside to follow where it leads. The question is, Aries: does it lead to your goals or is it just an intellectual distraction? Some ideas are nice to entertain in your head but will only lead you off your path. Use your laser focus to assess which this is before taking any steps. Remember, you can journey down alternate routes later.

Taurus – Balance isn’t always easy to achieve. When Temperance shows up in your life, Taurus, it suggests the time has come to examine your work-play balance, especially in regards to how it impacts your health. Look at the levels of stress and joy in your life. Have you taken on too much? Conversely, are you bored? Try treating yourself to something new, even if it is just a different type of tea.

Gemini – Have you been ignoring your intuition? The High Priestess indicates the time has come to listen to your inner voice. Though it may not speak in facts and figures, it has something important to communicate—if you value its wisdom. Try sitting down with your favorite divination tool this lunar cycle. Haven’t tried reading before? Now is the time to expand your skills. 

Cancer – You are poised for a new beginning. The Fool reminds you that you must make a decision sooner or later. Some hesitation is healthy, Cancer; hesitate too long and opportunities that may be perfect for you could be lost. Having weighed the options, you ultimately have to go with your gut and leap into the future. 

Leo – When the Four of Wands turns up, you know it’s time to smile, Leo. This card predicts gatherings of friends and loved ones, either face-to-face or virtual, so get ready to share in some warmth and love during this lunar cycle. You or someone you know may even have a special milestone to celebrate. Been feeling disconnected? Now is the time to find like-minded individuals for socialization.

VirgoThe Queen of Swords says situations demand cool heads during this period, Virgo. However, others may find you emotionally distant in your efforts to get the job done. Balancing warmth with dependability isn’t always easy right now, but you’re the one people want in their corner. Your ability to diffuse tensions could be put to especially effective use this lunar cycle.

Libra – Kaboom! The Tower speaks of change you cannot get around, Libra, no matter what. The time has come to examine what has exploded and see what can be made from the pieces, for the worse—or for the better. Not all change is terrible, but it is unavoidable. Stride bravely forward and make something new of what has been offered. It may not feel like a gift, but you have the power to turn the situation to your advantage.

ScorpioThe Hanged Man suggests this is a period of suspension for you. You may feel as if you have hit a wall when it comes to reaching the next level of your growth. However, the Hanged Man is not truly trapped but holds the key to his own release. When this card appears, it is time to look at things from a different perspective and try something new. This could involve the sacrifice of your time to additional work or learning so you can arrive where you ideally wish to be. Remember, too, that all things need to rest as well. Is it time for a break? 

Sagittarius – Have things gotten a little messy, Sagittarius? The Emperor suggests now is the time to bring some order and discipline to the situation and get it back on track. With a plan or dedication to a routine, you can meet the original target. Others are drawn to your authenticity and straight-forward manner this lunar cycle. Trust in your own strength, but keep in mind: no one likes a tyrant. Kindness and politeness go a long way. 

Capricorn – Have you been waiting for a sign to try something new? Then the Page of Wands is it, Capricorn. This card represents your enthusiasm and excitement to walk a new path. Full of magic and fire, you’re ready to tackle challenges brought to you during this time. You may not have all the resources you need to achieve your goals yet, but you more than make up for it with your ambition. Can you hear adventure calling? 

AquariusThe Chariot is all about steering your own destiny. Turning over this card indicates you have a choice to make, Aquarius: which road will you take? But the Chariot won’t tell you which of these routes is the better one to pick. Instead, it stresses the importance of making the decision for yourself, to move forward by your own design. Know your own mind during this lunar cycle, without outside influence. 

Pisces – Turning over the Empress says that this lunar cycle will be a fruitful time for you. As you near the Spring Equinox, look for a desire to connect with nature, both without and within. Take the time to nourish yourself and your own endeavors. Like the Earth, you are always growing and changing. If the winds of creativity blow a different way than usual for you this month, don’t fight it. Go with the flow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief reading, and that it provides you with some insight for the coming lunar cycle. If you would be interested in a more in-depth Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle, or Daemonic Sigil reading, you can find my full listing here or on my website. I also share a glimpse into my personal readings (of all these varieties) daily on Instagram. You can also check out my books about Daemonolatry, here.

See you on April 11, if not a wee bit earlier, for the next Tarotscope!

– Will 

What We Sacrifice

This month I want to talk about the sacrifices we offer to the Daemonic in the form of making sacrifice for what we want. Generally, when people think of Satanic or Daemonic sacrifice, thanks to a plethora of 70’s and 80’s horror movies, they’re thinking the sacrifice of animals, babies, or virgins. Or some other type of blood sacrifice where the animal or person being sacrificed is just killed for no other reason than to allegedly quench some kind of evil demonic bloodlust. It’s laughable really because never, in any of these movies, is the sacrifice legitimately “made sacred.”

The word sacrifice has taken on some weird connotation, so let’s take a look at it, shall we? To sacrifice something is to make it sacred. To make something sacred means to venerate something, or have respect for it. As well as to dedicate something. So when we’re making a sacrifice we have to remember it’s a big thing. We need to carefully consider ALL our sacrifices. Sacrifice is not just something we casually pull out of our asses on the fly.

For Daemonolaters – what we often sacrifice, or make sacred, is a drop of our own blood (without it we die) along with time and energy dedicated to the spiritual pursuit or goal. The Daemonolater has one job when it comes to choosing what to sacrifice and that is to answer the question —

What am I willing to give up or dedicate in pursuit of my spiritual, magickal, and/or mundane work?

We sacrifice things all the time in our mundane lives. We sacrifice money and time to pursue an education. We dedicate ourselves to our families or our jobs. We sometimes give up or put off the things we may want for ourselves in order to dedicate our time and resources to raise our children. We give up time with family in order to work harder to secure our futures. We may give up living in a big house in order to have more. We may give up an hour a day usually spent in front of the television in order to make our bodies healthier through exercise.

Now, I want you to consider what you’ve sacrificed in your life in order to be able to do what you love, spend more time with family, secure your future, or to become better at something.

Next – I want you to apply this thinking to what you sacrifice for your spiritual and magickal goals. What have you dedicated to your spiritual pursuits?

We naturally sacrifice things all the time based on how important something is to us.

Now I want you to entertain this notion: Sacrificing time, energy, resources, and attention to study magick, to become more spiritual beings, and to hone magickal and spiritual talents is no different than sacrificing your entertainment budget to bulk up your savings account.

That’s what sacrifice is. You’re willing to give something up – whether resources or time and attention in order to fulfill an important goal. You are willing to dedicate yourself to it because that goal is more important than the thing you’re giving up.

Notice how most people don’t sacrifice the family cat, or their first-born for most of the mundane goals they’re working toward. So why would you do that for a magickal/spiritual pursuit?

I know, I know – a few magickal purists are going to come out and say, “But Steph — what about chicken sacrifice and other animal sacrifice? Cultures around the world have done it for centuries!”

Absolutely – especially back when we were far more agrarian than we are now. Even then, every animal was important to survival, and making an animal sacred was done out of the utmost respect. The Daemonolaters who may practice animal sacrifice today carry on that tradition of respect and honor to the animal, and thank it for providing its flesh to sustain their lives. All modern sacrifices are often done for the sake of feeding the coven/group after a special ritual to honor the Daemonic Divine. In rare instances like this, the animal is treated kindly, with respect, and dispatched in the most humane way possible. Then the animal is cleaned and prepared for cooking. It is given thanks for giving up its life in order that we survive through consumption of its flesh.

It may sound gruesome, but it’s certainly no less brutal than sending the animal to the slaughterhouse, then sending its meat to the local supermarket. How often, in our modern culture, do we really consider the animals giving up their lives to feed us? That meat on the grocery store shelf came from somewhere.

That said – I’m in no way advocating for being a vegetarian if you enjoy meat. If being a vegan is your thing – awesome. I have a lot of Daemonolater friends who are. Me, I’m an omnivore. I enjoy a nice steak now and again, though I’m partial to chicken and fish.

However — real sacrifice, the most respectful and honorable sacrifice you can make to the Daemonic and yourself – is that of time and effort toward your own spiritual growth. In magickal practice – the most sacred sacrifice is time and effort toward the goal you’re trying to reach. Sometimes that means giving up something else. Like sitting in front of the television. Or spending as much time with friends. Or sleeping in on your days off. (Though I don’t recommend sacrificing your self care if you don’t have to, because sometimes we need to sacrifice certain activities and things on our to-do lists in order to take care of our own mental and physical health.)

In our modern culture, sacrifice is often looked upon as this terrible thing. Christians often take on personal sacrifice as mantels of martyrdom. No one is asking you to be a martyr. I sincerely doubt most parents who sacrifice their own wants and needs to provide for their children look at those “sacrifices” as a negative thing. Most parents will tell you it was totally worth it to have to wait to do/buy XYZ until their children were grown.

We need to rethink our views of sacrifice. It’s not a dirty word and it doesn’t involve killing helpless animals to feed the bloodthirsty beasties lurking in our imaginations. True sacrifice comes from the heart and is born of love, desire, and passion.

So I ask all who are reading this — What are you willing to sacrifice for your own edification, growth, and change?

5 Ways to Draw Creativity into Your Rituals

This month’s topic is creativity and how we can utilize our creativity in our ritual work for more effective results. If you’d like to read more, check out The Art of Creative Magick. Also watch for the forthcoming book about Leviathan and the Demiurge.

So let’s get into it, shall we? Five ways to draw creativity into your rituals!

  1. Bring your favorite objects into your temple space. Whether it’s an old copper pot Grandma Mavis gave you, or a knit doily from Great Auntie Janice – if you love it – don’t be afraid to add it to an altar or the rest of the ritual space. In my temple, I have some fabulous old bottles I’ve collected over the years, a cat candle holder, and a collection of my favorite dragons I’ve gotten as gifts. I also put swords on the wall. This brings me to #2.
  2. Don’t be afraid to share your style! Are you minimalistic? Artistic? Rustic? Do you like things to look affluent? What is your style and how can you carry it through to your temple space? Don’t be afraid to bring that part of yourself into the temple. It makes it more “your space”.
  3. Compose your own orations, chants, and invocations. Make them as simple or as elaborate as you want. When you create them – they have more power FOR YOU because they come from you, and every word is imbued with your feelings toward the Daemonic. In that sense, your own words hold a lot more weight than examples written down in books.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add color and lighting to affect the mood (or ritual outcome)! I once had a woman write me asking if the purple curtains in her ritual room would offend the Daemons. Why would they? Daemons don’t really give two craps one way or another. And purple curtains? Hell yes! Purple, orange, lime green, hot pink — you do you!
  5. Share creative work space and ritual space in the same room. I know many artists, musicians, and writers who share their studio with an altar. Magick is a creative art in and of itself. Combine it with visual, audio, written, and other art-forms and you have a Mecca of creative inspiration just waiting to be tapped.

How have YOU incorporated your own creativity into your ritual space? Share in the comments below.

One-Off Magick vs. The Great Work

So I hadn’t intended to do a second post this month, but my inbox felt differently.

Most of the time, when people come to me seeking magickal work or advice on magick, they have the same complaint: “My magick in the past hasn’t worked. I did a spell/ritual/pact to become famous, and nothing happened. Why?”

Oftentimes they’re just searching for that one spell or ritual that will change everything and give them exactly what they want, creating the happy-ever-after they’ve been using magick to find. Or they want to do a pact, thinking that’s the answer to all their earthly problems.

The following is a brief section from a book I’m working on and I think it explains this quite well:

Keys to High Performance Magick

  1. Have a clear goal of your intended manifestation. Know what it looks like. In many cases, you need to know exactly what you want. Now, that said, some books about magick argue that you shouldn’t be specific and I’d counter that it depends on your goals. I’m also convinced some magicians like leaving things open ended so even the smallest gains can be counted as successful magick. Regardless – you still need a clear goal whether it’s a feeling, a desired lifestyle, etc… You also need to have the wisdom to know when you should be specific, and when it’s okay to be unspecific. Some magicians will tell you that leaving things open ended is better. Others will tell you that you need to be specific. I say it depends on the situation:
    Some instances where you may want to be specific: 1. Healing Magick 2. Career Magick 3. Creating a specific situation.
    Some instances where you may want to be nonspecific, but very clear in the desired outcome: 1. You’re doing love magick to bring more love in your life. 2.A Raise in pay (unless you need a specific amount) 3. A better job. 4. Guidance 5. Creativity Magick – like for inspiration.

But I don’t want you to just throw things out willy nilly. I want you to sit down and ask yourself, “What does my ideal outcome look like?”  Then — ask yourself “Why?” because the why of the situation may  reveal a different angle to the situation. Oftentimes when people want more money and success, they’re not envisioning themselves being showered in cash or driving luxury cars. They’re thinking of being free from debt and not having to work as hard so they can spend more quality time with loved ones. Or maybe more time playing and being out with friends than being shackled by excessive responsibility. Or if they’re creatives, they’re not imagining spotlights on themselves or walking down the red carpet – they’re looking at all the eyes on their creative work.  It’s their WORK they want known, not necessarily themselves (though I imagine some people really do want the spotlight).  When we’re defining what we want, sometimes it helps to envision what life would be like if you already had that thing, whether it’s a physical thing, an emotional thing, or a mental thing.

  1. Properly apply energy work. Know exactly where to apply your energy and what to work on magickally. Know exactly what needs to be done (both magickally speaking and in the physical realm) to accomplish the goal. Most of you know that in my day-to-day life, I’m a novelist. I make my living weaving fantastical stories. Many years ago I said I wanted to have a book that sold like wildfire with tons of fans.  It’s great to throw that intention out into the universe willy nilly when you don’t know what that really entails.  I hadn’t done the research or the homework to find out what it was that bestselling novelists did all day (aside from writing). I didn’t know the skills required, or if I even had those skills. Aside from the writing – I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. Not. One. Clue.

So, one Sunday afternoon, I brought all my novels (it was only 5 novels at the time), blessed them in the name of the nine Daemonic Divinities, invoked Belphegore and Belial over them for the books’ success, and walked away. One of my novels and two novellas went viral within three months. I was making bank, drawing down five figures a month just from three stories I’d written. Imagine that. It worked like a charm. But I had no idea what I was doing and about two years later, my sales trickled off to nothing. I was back to where I started. So why did it fail?  Daemons can give you great windfalls, but if you don’t know how to properly manage the windfall, it will be just that. A temporary injection of good luck that eventually tapers off. However – if you want LASTING prosperity, health, etc… that’s where the self-work, or The Great Work as many magicians call it, comes in. This is a combination of Daemonic intervention and making choices and snagging opportunities in the real world that will speed you along to your success. This is why dabbling in magick only results in the occasional windfall and rarely lasting results. Let me share yet another example of what that entails.

Several years after my windfall, I decided I was going to work magick to reclaim my bestselling author status. I wanted to be both bestselling and well-known. This time, however, I was armed with more knowledge of the industry, marketing, etc…  Once again, I threw caution to the wind, called on the Daemon Sorath, and said the equivalent of “Hey, I want a six figure writing career!”  In my mind, Sorath was likely snickering when I said that.  But ultimately, he agreed. He was like, fine – here you go. You want to be in the spotlight? He shoved me right into the spotlight. 
What did I do? I froze like a deer in the headlights.  I hadn’t considered the public speaking aspect, or how involved in the publishing world I’d have to be, but when I approached the Daemon and asked, “Public Speaking?” He was like, “Uh huh. Go get ’em, Tiger.” 

It took all of one conference for me to realize I had a problem, and it was a big one. Public speaking was not my cup of tea.  So I did what a lot of magicians in my place (who have an idea of what they’re doing) would do. I sat down and did an ascension session with Lucifer (a Daemon of communication among other things) to figure out a plan on how I would overcome this seemingly impossible barrier to my own success.  Because, see, to be a writer – and a famous one at that, I had to have the skill of public speaking.  When you’re a socially anxious introvert, it’s not a skill that comes naturally to you.  I began speaking at conferences. Doing online videos. Hosting writer events. When it was all said and done, I was making six figures, one of my books had won an award, and I was named my writing group’s independent writer of the year. THAT was the right path to success. I still work on my career daily by taking classes and learning new things, and by jumping on opportunities the Daemonic throws my way, and my career keeps moving forward inch by inch. Much slower than a windfall, but this has been more of a lasting success because I’m working on myself to make ME into the person who can withstand the spotlight and continue producing novels that readers love. The Daemons just provided the opportunities, turned the tables in my favor, and helped me to strengthen my skills and overcome fears and bad habits that were holding me back from my own success. 

Both of these are PERFECT examples of how we may initially apply energy to the wrong things in magick. We apply them to the main goal, then wonder why it doesn’t work. Or in both of these cases – it did work, but required side tracks along the way. Mainly, I had to fix all the problems within myself FIRST before the final goal could be realized. This isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon and magick, and working with the Daemonic, is a lifelong practice.  My writing career has been ten long years in the making through magick, fear facing, and a lot of self work. I wouldn’t say it’s been “hard” work (since I love it), but sometimes frustrating work because the Daemonic doesn’t stop you from falling and failure. Without failure, you learn nothing from it. Daemons are lesson teachers. They exist as sentient energy forces to elevate consciousness. They help you learn, overcome, and emotionally, mentally, and physically become better to help you manifest your Great Work.

Some of the other keys that haven’t been fully fleshed out yet in the context of the book.

  1. Statement of Intent. Your intent is your emotional commitment to what you want/desire. Lack of sincere intent does nothing to help manifest your will. Your intentions should be strong enough that you feel them on an emotional level, not just a mental one. After all the statement, I want a sandwich is an entirely different emotional feeling than, I want people to feel my music to the core of their being. And yet – both of these statements may spur you to action in order to manifest your will. The problem is a lot of people don’t know exactly what they want, or they’re not fully committed. Hence their magick continually fails (or appears to) because they have no idea what they’re looking for except change. This is where a lot of self-exploration comes in, so when your magick doesn’t have the result you expected – you can figure out why. Otherwise you’re literally just shooting in the dark hoping to hit a target that will change your circumstance.
  2. Non-metaphysical Follow Through. Regardless how bad we want shit just to drop in our laps, long-lasting, successful magick does require follow through. Hence the reason it is one of my main points for magicians to focus on when they want high performance from their magickal work. Can you just do a one-off and get what you want? Absolutely. But you can expect it will be fleeting if you don’t do the work to MAINTAIN what you’ve been given. After all, I was given a bestselling book, I just didn’t know how to maintain it, and I lost the opportunity for additional success as a result. But through that failure — I learned how to do it properly. Sometimes we have to fail in order to learn what we need to learn so that we can move forward.
  3. Glamour Magick to get what you want. Occasionally we have to morph into a person we don’t recognize to get what we want. Go against our nature. If what you want goes against your nature, that may be something to think about. Reflect on this and how you can change your internal thoughts, feelings, and even external reactions to situations to influence those around you and perhaps change your nature to be more agreeable with your intentions and ultimately your will. Yes, magick can help with this, but again, this comes with A LOT of self work.
  4. Fear Facing. I don’t know why more magicians don’t address fear facing more directly in relation to magick and magickal success. If we spend all our time reading books, but never getting our hands dirty, that’s the same thing as knowing a lot of “theory” and “philosophy” about a subject, but not understanding or having any real knowledge of practical application.  If magick isn’t practical, it becomes useless, right? A lot of times our magick fails because we haven’t faced our fears. Sometimes they’re fears we didn’t even really know we had, or didn’t understand the weight of them. Kind of like my fear of public speaking. I knew I wasn’t comfortable speaking to a crowd, I just had no idea how big of a handicap it was to my writing career until Sorath threw it right in my face. Expect that with lasting magick – you will be confronted with a lot of fears that you will either have to learn to overcome or navigate in some way so they won’t be a hindrance to you moving forward.

In conclusion of this blog post – magick isn’t black and white. There are a LOT of factors to consider, as each situation as unique and multi-faceted as every individual person reading this post. We all have our internal “demons” (in the Christian sense) to work on, and our Daemons (divine intelligence) can guide us through these obstacles so that we, ultimately, can better manifest our own will and move forward on our individual Great Work. So consider the above keys and remember, magick is not just a one-and-done kind of deal. Not if you want lasting results.

And my friend, Charme, pointed out that in the days of COVID19, one-off windfall magick for wealth or financial gain may not be such a good idea anyway. More of a chance for the Daemonic to knock off your favorite relatives in order to give you that windfall you want. May be best to be specific with one-off money magick at the moment, or just commit to the long-term magick and self-work to make your improved financial situation more permanent. 😉