Bringing in the new

Each year always feels like we have a fresh slate, doesn’t it? We can start over with new routines or habits that we didn’t have before. I think once a year every magician should do a thorough cleaning of her energy and space. Some people do it in the spring time when they’re cleaning their house. Do it whenever you want and start to make it part of your yearly ritual. I think you’ll find it really works.

The first thing I do is gather up all the ritual tools, talismans, lamens and so on and take it all to the kitchen. Everything gets a thorough scrubbing. It’s dried. All stones and necklaces are put in a bowl with salt for a week.

I vacuum and dust my ritual room and I wash my altar cloths and the altar. Everything is gleaming when I’m done. I also check tools for wear and tear and replace them accordingly.

I will perform a ritual of cleansing on the entire room and fumigate it with a strong clearing incense. I reinforce all my wards.

Then I do a self purification ritual combined with an elemental balancing so I can start my year balanced and feeling new. I like to do this ritual on January first. Once all of this is done I feel better prepared to consider the magic I want to perform in the new year.

How often do you clean and clear your ritual space and what rituals do you do to start the year anew?