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Book of the Fallen: Satanic Theory, Ethics, and Practice

New Release: ***Book of the Fallen*** by Martin McGreggor! Available now! What is Satanism? What does it mean to be Satanic? Can these questions even be answered without falling back on subjective opinion and personal experience? In this pivotal work, Martin McGreggor explores the answers to these questions from a cross-cultural and non-denominational perspective, creating […]

The Power of ‘I Don’t Know’

This past year I celebrated my 11th year as a Satanist. Near the anniversary I planned on writing a post about what I had learned and how my views had changed over that span of time. After working on it for a time, I began to realize that I don’t really like to write about […]


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the misconceptions and “facts” that are commonly held about our community. The difference between what is perceived and what is real. Some of these perceptions are thrust upon us, such as the Devil-made-me-do-it Oklahoma commandment smasher, who has of course, already been debunked as a lifelong Christian. But […]

Conventions, Communities, and Change

At the end of July I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd International Left Hand Path conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had an absolutely great time, and I was going to come home and write a blog post for August detailing the things that made the trip so much for me. Unfortunately, things did […]

Much Ado about Being Overdue

Well, half the year has already passed, and I’m finally at a point where I can sit down and start my writing again. I would have never guessed that something as simple as changing jobs could have completely destroyed my schedule and routine as much as it has. Who knew? A couple of months ago […]

Satan Wants You! (To sit down and shut up)

Active conversion and what is commonly referred to as evangelism has always been somewhat of a mystery to me, at least as far as Satanism is concerned. I get why Christians and other religions do it, “spreading the good word” is a compulsory act in many of them. But Satanism is supposed to be about […]


I believe the reworking of all grimoires to be an inevitability. Never before has occult knowledge been so readily available to those who seek it. Even in ancient times when such knowledge was more prevalent, I doubt the level of availability could rival the internet. But at the same time, the traditional grimoires have never […]