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Keys of Ocat: Excerpt

[Cross Posted from] Unfortunately one of the things my publisher didn’t do with Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Necromancy, was share an excerpt. So I have decided to do that here. There are no more standard editions left! The only copies left are the Deluxe Editions and we have them! Get a […]

Interview: Audrey Brice Talks About the OTS Series

This month I asked Audrey Brice to come by and tell us a little about Rising Darkness, the latest release in the Demonolatry steeped OTS series. She tells us what inspired it, how Demonolatry plays a role in her novels, and what’s next for Elizabeth Tanner and the crew. ————————- FD- What inspired you to […]

Guest Blog: A Review of *Keys of Ocat*

Fr. Sem Sebastian’s Review of *Keys of Ocat* If I were to sum up Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye in a short phrase, I’d call it absolutely brilliant.  Stephanie Connolly, Adrianna or S. Connolly as many of you know her, does the topic of necromancy a great justice. Keys of Ocat removes […]

Necromantic Sacraments

Necromantic Sacraments: The companion chapbook to S. Connolly’s bestselling Honoring Death and companion to Keys of Ocat. This is a supplementary ritual and prayer book that completes S. Connolly’s trilogy of Daemonolatry necromancy reference works. While the other books aren’t necessary to understand or use this book, if you are unfamiliar with Daemonolatry necromancy you might […]

Keys of Ocat is Available!

The Keys of Ocat reveals the never before published Saturn rites, seals, and theophantic gate opening rituals of Ocat, the abyssal gatekeeper of the dead. Behind His gates dwell the Daemons of death including Euronymous, Balberith, Bune, Hekate, Frucisierre, and many others. These blood magick rituals, talismans and seals will aid the advanced magician in […]