Category: Ritual Announcements

We have a few new things going on at at the moment! First — there are a couple of Daemonolatry specific divination card sets now available!  With any luck there will be more in the future. Second — We are having a big Necromancy event here at from late August/early September to early […]

An Interview with Andrieh Vitimus

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview magician Andrieh Vitimus for my blog over at The Quadrant and decided the folks who followed would also find this interview enjoyable and interesting! When did you first know you were a chaos magician? A better question is when I first new I was a magician, since […]

Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement

The long awaited guide to two of the most sought after rites is finally here. The Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement is a ritual guide for those wishing to learn and incorporate the beauty of the Abyssal Communion (sometimes called Elemental Communion) and Rite of Imbibement into their personal Daemonolatry practice. The book includes explanations of […]

Modification & Practice Series: Mini-Guides

These were my “public service” projects for 2013. I call them that because free copies of these mini-guides are available to anyone who wants them.They’re not lengthy tomes, but each one took time to produce. Hence The Modification & Practice Series is here! There are three books in this series. The first is Modified Daemonolatry: […]

Much Ado about Being Overdue

Well, half the year has already passed, and I’m finally at a point where I can sit down and start my writing again. I would have never guessed that something as simple as changing jobs could have completely destroyed my schedule and routine as much as it has. Who knew? A couple of months ago […]

Necromantic Sacraments

Necromantic Sacraments: The companion chapbook to S. Connolly’s bestselling Honoring Death and companion to Keys of Ocat. This is a supplementary ritual and prayer book that completes S. Connolly’s trilogy of Daemonolatry necromancy reference works. While the other books aren’t necessary to understand or use this book, if you are unfamiliar with Daemonolatry necromancy you might […]