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Necromantic Sacraments

Necromantic Sacraments: The companion chapbook to S. Connolly’s bestselling Honoring Death and companion to Keys of Ocat. This is a supplementary ritual and prayer book that completes S. Connolly’s trilogy of Daemonolatry necromancy reference works. While the other books aren’t necessary to understand or use this book, if you are unfamiliar with Daemonolatry necromancy you might […]


I believe the reworking of all grimoires to be an inevitability. Never before has occult knowledge been so readily available to those who seek it. Even in ancient times when such knowledge was more prevalent, I doubt the level of availability could rival the internet. But at the same time, the traditional grimoires have never […]

Spiritual, Religious, Both, and Neither

This month’s topic can actually be somewhat of a challenge to write about. There is a great deal of ambiguity in today’s society regarding religion and spirituality. Some people use the two words interchangeably, while others hold them as two very different things. A great example of this is the ever-popular phrase, “I’m spiritual, but […]

Responsible Use

For June’s how-to Blog, I’ve decided to share a guide I wrote a few years ago, concerning channeling (Ouija) boards, and how to effectively use them. I wrote this guide as an informational tool to fight the misinformation I was bombarded with when trying to sell the high-end, heirloom quality channeling boards I once sold. […]

Those things that grow inside you

So in this blog I would normally just have commented on how  I’ve been using Abyss Hyms music (check out the shop, up in the bar ;D ), I have used sea shells from store bundles  to add the water element into rituals, I have bathed with salts dipped in mint oil before rituals calling […]