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Pathworking is not an Enigma

Not too long ago I was talking to a young man about training for the priesthood.  He told me about how he’d gone through the training for priesthood in several other traditions and he was always left feeling like the training had no substance.  This left him jumping from tradition to tradition, looking for “the […]


I thought I would take a different approach to “ritual”. Christmas (or Winterval, or The Holiday Season or whatever you want to call it) is here again, and I thought I would write about my rituals at Christmas (I still call it that) and my publish day is 25 December ! Christmas Eve. First thing, […]

Dark Purification Ritual

What is the most important ritual to you?  I have to say it is a purification ritual.  There are many types of rituals out there, and all of them can be placed in their own categories.  Majority of those rituals are for action around the user, but a purification ritual focuses with the magick user him/herself. […]

Now is the Time for Atonement

“Of all these things I offer unto you, infernal wisdom waits…” Burt Offerings – Iced Earth November is when I sit down with the Daemonic Divine and re-evaluate my goal lists. It’s also a time when I tend to make my biggest offerings. Not offerings to the Daemonic directly. I’d like everyone to reconsider the purpose […]

Generous Offerings

Infernal Greetings to All … Welcome to November and this month’s topic, Offerings. I really don’t have a huge amount of information to provide on my personal feelings and practices regarding Offerings. I am totally aware of the significance and purpose of giving Offerings and their importance to Demonolatry and Occult practices in general. They play a […]