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Better Energy & Spiritual Connection through Movement

Have you ever wondered why Eastern spiritual practices often have some sort of physical practice combined with the spiritual? Think about it – Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts. It’s because many Eastern traditions discovered early on that a healthy mind, a healthy spiritual connection to the divine source, and a healthy body go together. Some […]

The Myth of the Magickal Quick-Fix

I receive emails weekly where someone wants me to make them a pact, item, amulet, fetish, oil, incense, or other mixture that will magickally fix all their life’s ills. As if possessing the item alone, or having someone else do the work for them will allow them to sit back and collect their millions, their […] Announcements

We have a few new things going on at at the moment! First — there are a couple of Daemonolatry specific divination card sets now available! ¬†With any luck there will be more in the future. Second — We are having a big Necromancy event here at from late August/early September to early […]