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Execration Magick Workshop – July 26 2014!

There are three to go in the summer online workshop series,  covering the topics: Execration Magick (July 26, 2014) – registration starts in May Daemonolatry Goetia (September 27, 2014) registration starts in July Daemonolatry Necromancy (October 25, 2014) registration starts in August Each workshop is $50 per ticket (i.e. connected computer) and will demonstrate various […]

Its not a Gold coin

If we consider that Demonolatry its a Khemetic-Hermetic Shamanistic alchemical spiritual practice, the core of its spiritual path requires going a little further than prayer sometimes, Why? because Demonolatry its a magical religion, not a moral based dogma, Daemons don’t give a hoot if you think abortion its right or wrong, its an action that […]

They’re off again – those who say the end is nigh !

Well, the doomsday ‘end is nigh’ groups all had a nasty shock last year when Dec 21st came and went just the same as all other previous 21 Dec. Bit disappointing when you look at it. Anyway, I was watching a BBC Horizon programme last night, after the DR Who 50th special, all about the […]

Let me introduce you to a personal friend of mine…..

The word “evangelical” has negative connotations, at least for most of us. It is about annoying people entering our lives without invitation. It’s about pushing their ideas, usually Christian ones, on to unsuspecting men, women, and children. They impose themselves on our lives by knocking on our doors, buying air time on our air waves, […]