Connecting With Your Patron/Matron

I had a harder time with this month’s post. I wanted to give you all something useful and practical to chew on this month. I was drawing a blank until my wife said, “Why not just give them a useful meditation to try.” Obvious, right?

Not in my case. I kept trying to make it more difficult than it needed to be. So don’t thank me for this post, it was my wife’s idea.

Mrs. Goetic Nick’s Formula for Connecting With a Patron/Matron

I’ve always believed in the power of meditation to bring things into our lives that we want to connect with or understand better. In this exercise I want you to imagine your patron/matron and give him/her/it human or animal form. Give him a personality, a likeness you identify with, and imagine its overall backstory. Next, invoke your patron/matron and get a sense of his/her energy. Fill your image with this energy. Imagine the energy coming off of him. Now connect. By connecting I mean imagine interacting with this image of your patron or matron that you’ve created. Converse with it (even if it’s only in your head). Take this image with you wherever you go throughout your day. Be very aware of where your patron and his energy is at all times. In doing this, you find a way to bridge the gap from knowing to understanding and you may find yourself better connected overall.

Naturally I began questioning the logic of this. I’m not one to reduce my deities to imaginary friends, to which my wife told me to shut up, some people need that anthropomorphic connection, and to quit being anal retentive because not everyone is as literal or unimaginative as me. Point taken, dear.

So there you have it folks. Take it for what it’s worth. I hope it helps someone out there connect.