Daemonic Communication For Rituals

Infernal Greetings to all,

For this month I decided to share a little project I have been working on. I know that for most people a full physical manifestation does not usually occur with each Ritual. This made me start wondering if there could be “subtle” influences during my Rituals that I am not aware of. I
decided to try and find various parts of my Rituals that could be controlled by the Daemon I was working with. I have actually been doing this for several months and keeping a detailed record of what I discovered.  I would like to post all of it here but much of my Ritual work is very private and I feel that disclosing too much would betray the Daemon’s trust.

Here though are some examples of what I have incorporated so far.

Using regular 6-sided dice (up to 4) I pose questions and allow any presence other than myself to effect the outcome. For example,

Select 6 different colored candles and allow the dice to choose which will be used in the Ritual.

Select 6 music cd’s and allow the dice to select the music for the Ritual.

Select 3 different incense types and roll the dice. For example 1 or 2 for the first one 3 or 4 for the second etc …

For divination I select several items like a Ouija Board, Tarot, Scrying mirror, or Norse Ruins and let the dice decide.

For the actual Ritual I have several documents all with the same theme but various different components (such as the language and specific wording) and I let the dice decide which one to use.

I think the basic idea is clear now.

Some of the other options I have been using are, lights on or just candlelight, what room the Ritual will occur in, day or night, fasting, meditation, robes or casual, writing in my journal during or after the Ritual, and legal mood enhancing substances.

Now I know some people will just assume that I am using divination and that none of this is new. But I don’t agree since divination is more for hidden knowledge and what I am attempting to do is find a new way to communicate with the Daemonic. I also hope nobody thinks that I am creating some sort of psychology test or Daemonic quiz to be part of my Rituals. I have the very utmost respect for the Daemons I work with and I would never have attempted any of this had I felt it would be demeaning or insulting to those Daemons. I actually meditated for several months before trying these things and always felt a positive energy.

Thank You again for your time and reading what I have to offer this month.

See you again in October.

In Darkness We are United …


3 thoughts on “Daemonic Communication For Rituals

  1. Tim Jacobs

    Have you ever done a daemonic invocation in total darkness, only lighting such candles as are necessary for practical magic once the invocation is complete? I am guessing that it would be possible to visualise one’s temple through the darkness for the invocation and yet have the advantages of a real altar etc when it came to practical work.

  2. Robert Bradley

    This is good to know. I feel I am not yet ready to attempt to communicate with a daemon (I may never get there lol). Maybe one day in the future, if I am still alive! But thanks for this info!

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