Daemonic Pacts

pactsDaemonic Pacts (Daemonolater’s Guide Series) – S. Connolly: In this insightful chapbook, S. Connolly, well-known, successful Daemonolatress with over 30 years experience working with Daemons, goes into the do’s and don’t’s of successful Daemonic pact-making. If you’ve ever wanted to make a pact, thought about making a pact, or plan on making one, this book will demystify the process and make the practice accessible to you.

(Author’s Note: So here’s the thing – in the last month I’ve had no less than 20 people (some not even magicians) contact me about making pacts with Daemons. I want to state up front that this chapbook isn’t for those of you who already know what you’re doing. If you know what you’re doing and you’ve read my article on the matter in Bound by Blood and/or Anthology of Sorcery, then definitely skip this. I wrote this chapbook as an extension of my article “Pacts With Daemons: Selling Your Soul in the 21st Century”. It’s basically 40 pages explaining the how, why, when etc… of pact-making replete with explicit instructions for the beginner. I hope it helps those who need it!)

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