Daily Practice, Now With Motivation! #domagick

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of doing regular magical work. I’ve blogged about this before. Author and personal close friend of mine, Andrieh Vitimus, is starting up his new site this month (February) called Do Magick. For those of you who remember the Magickal 30 that he used to run, this is a newer incarnation of that. It’s a bit easier since participation happens in social media groups and on your own blog, twitter, or Facebook. A simple hashtag added to posts makes it easy for people following or participating to find the magicians who are actively participating.

The general premise is that you spend some time researching and preparing for the magick, then you spend at least thirty days embarking on the magick. During this time you journal what you’re doing and take really good notes while you’re actually working through the magick. And you share this (as detailed or vague as you like, though detail is more fun) through social media so that other magicians can follow along and see your progress on the magical work.

The entire project is meant to encourage magicians to go beyond thinking about magick, and reading about magick, and actually doing the work. Those of you who know me know that I am big on people actually doing the work. So I wholly support the entire project, and will be participating regularly. Posts for my own work will appear on my personal blog so that readers and those interested in magick will hopefully be inspired to do their own work. Posts will be tagged #domagick like this one. Of course if you’re not much of a voyeur and you’re ready to jump in and join us, you can go to the website and learn how to sign up. There are instructions on how the whole process works and if you need more information you can contact Andrieh directly.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! I look forward to seeing what you’re doing and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what I’m doing.

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