DB Publishing: New Year, New Books!

DB Publishing & Official Melissa have some fantastic offerings for you in the coming year.

If you missed any of 2016’s offerings, check out the Daemonolater’s Guide series. Seven (so far) small guides with big results!

Then there was the Book of Agares: A Manifestation Grimoire .

In 2017, expect a few more Daemonolater’s Guides, as well as Daemonic Prosperity Magick.

That said, I also have a few additional titles coming out. One that will be exclusively for members of S. Connolly newsletter (my mailing list), The Preeminant Curse, and one that will initially only be available to my mailing list, Tredecium Daemonia. The limited edition (initially only available to mailing list members) will have bonus content. The publicly available hardcover edition will have only some of the bonus content, and the paperback will be the regular book in paperback. Ebooks of these titles will not be available. PS – if you already subscribed to the Official Melissa mailing list or this blog, you are likely already on the list. A good way to know is if you received an email from me back on November 23, 2016. If you did, you’re already on the list.

Happy reading in 2017! May all of your desires manifest!