December 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to December’s Tarotscope! I’m sipping a hot coffee as I write this, a heater running by my feet. Winter has arrived where I live, bringing with it half a foot of snow. Colorful lights now adorn the windows of our neighborhood in anticipation of a variety of holidays. May yours look as beautiful.

This month I’m using the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, borderless edition. I looked for a decent, reasonably-priced printing of Smith and Waite’s deck for some time – and I finally found my match! Produced by the US Game System in 2017, it uses crisp lines and bright colors that reproduce Smith’s artwork in vivid detail. Just as importantly, the thick cardstock snaps beautifully and shuffles well for a mass-produced deck. I only wish it had come in something sturdier than a cheap tuck box. This deck immediately went into regular rotation!

All Signs – Strength Reversed; Aries – Justice Reversed; Taurus – King of Swords Reversed; Gemini – 6 of Pentacles; Cancer – Knight of Swords Reversed.

All Signs – Strength Reversed – We frequently go full throttle in December to meet year-end deadlines or to please loved ones with gifts and gatherings. Sadly, the weight of those obligations can strangle the joy out of the festivities, and many of us find ourselves depending on coffee, cigarettes, or other substances to coast through the occasion. Who hasn’t heard the joke about needing wine to last through Christmas dinner with the inlaws? While a glass or two rarely hurts, Strength Reversed cautions us not to lean too hard into our vices this month. The lion may seem tame, but remember his innate ferocity.

Aries – Justice Reversed – Be careful not to jump to conclusions this month, Aries! Situations arise this December where you’ll find it difficult to make decisions from an unbiased standpoint. You may want to go with your heart, but does your heart have all the facts? Get a firm grip on the details before you bring your foot down.

Taurus – King of Swords Reversed – A decision this month demands full use of both your logic and emotional wisdom, Taurus. If you base your choice on reason alone, without considering the feelings of others, you may be seen as cold, even cruel. Weigh the impact on everyone involved before making your move this December. That way you can avoid any damage in the future.

Gemini – Six of Pentacles – Those in need come with hands out in December. Luckily, the holiday season has put you in a giving mood. Just remember to treat yourself as generously as everyone else, Gemini. Energy and resources must circulate back to you to keep you healthy, through rest and self-care.

Cancer – Knight of Wands Reversed – Tempers flare when you run into unexpected obstacles in December. Rather than continue bashing your head into a wall, Cancer, step back and try using it instead. Give yourself a break to let your anger clear, and then plan a way through or around this barrier that can put your determination to work.

Leo – Star Reversed; Virgo – 9 of Pentacles Reversed; Libra – Ace of Swords; Scorpio – Nine of Cups Reversed.

Leo – Star Reversed – Careful not to flirt with overspending in your efforts to create the perfect holiday. Leo, could you be using gifts to distract from your vulnerability? Rather than pouring water in overflowing rivers, try addressing the source of the issue by caring for yourself instead. Every man, woman, and person is a star – including you.

Virgo – Nine of Pentacles Reversed – You find yourself with an ethical problem when you receive an unexpected and possibly expensive gift this December. Although you’re under no obligation to return the present, it’s all too easy to feel indebted or worry about the politeness of the exchange. Just remember the doors to your gilded cage are open, Virgo. You can always walk away from your gift and all the strings attached to it.

Libra – Ace of Swords – While many wind down 2021, you’ve already set your sights on January. You’re looking at how far you’ve come this year and picturing what’s needed to take you higher. Take the time to make plans to maximize next year’s potential. Your goals are within your grasp, Libra – imagine it.

Scorpio – Nine of Cups Reversed – Although the festive season provides many reasons to celebrate, Scorpio, it’s not fun you crave this December. Instead, you want a very special gift under the tree – and nothing else will do. Communicate your desires clearly, but discuss any dissatisfaction tactfully. A little appreciation for the efforts of loved ones will preserve the joy of the holidays.

Sagittarius – 8 of Cups; Capricorn – 2 of Cups; Aquarius – Ace of Wands; Pisces – 8 of Pentacles Reversed.

Sagittarius – Eight of Cups – The first whiff of sugar cookies nearly sends you running for the hills this year, Sagittarius. The thought of the food, the presents, the socializing… It overwhelms you. Recognize you need time away and schedule it whenever possible. It will make the remaining moments together all the more pleasant for everyone involved. 

Capricorn – Two of Cups – Seasonal gatherings deepen old connections and spark new alliances this December. Watch out for mutual interests and desires to bring parties together. Don’t take this kind of connection for granted. They are worth celebrating, holidays or not.

Aquarius – Ace of Wands – Many people wait until January to start new projects, but not you, Aquarius! The chance to create something fresh and exciting sparks passion in your life that you can’t ignore. You seized the opportunity to turn an idea into concrete reality and it will guide you through December.

Pisces – Eight of Pentacles Reversed – Faced with an abundance of seasonal pressures and holiday treats, you’re tempted to both slack off and overindulge this month, Pisces. While these satisfy in the short term, their consequences could last well into the new year. Don’t worry about perfection and just get moving. Good habits start with a single action.

That’s the end of this month’s Tarotscope. Hopefully, this look at the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck provided you with some insight for December. For a free daily draw, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If you need a more confidential reading, you can find my listings for Tarot, Lenormand, or Demonic Sigil readings here and on my website. Of course, as always, my two books remain listed on Amazon

May you have an excellent solstice, Rite to Belial, and any other holiday you happen to celebrate the season!