Demonic Possession? Or something else.

No matter how one looks at it, or what one’s opinion is on it, the very notion of Demonic Possession is an interesting and intriguing idea to think about.  It’s either a scary, abhorant thought to you, or it’s something that you wish you could experience just once.  Though I am sure there are more than a few that couldn’t care less one way or the other.  The problem with Demonic Possession is that for it to stay within the definition of the thought, it would have to be done against the person’s will.  That is only assuming though that we always know what our will is.  If we were always on top of that then none of us would make the odd stupid mistakes that get told around a campfire.  I know people that believe that not only is Demonic Possession possible but it’s rampant in our society.  Then there are those that don’t even believe in Demons so no way they could believe in such a thing.  Somewhere in there, probably, lies the truth.  I don’t think Demons need us to do their will or to get stuff done or to take over the world.  But I do think they sometimes are as curious about us as we are about them.  Now I don’t think Demons are jumping into occultists willy nilly.  But I do think there are times that they might choose to communicate with us in this way.  That doesn’t mean we are going to start spewing pea soup and turning our heads 360 degrees, though that would be interesting as well, it just means that another avenue of communication was initiated with us from the Demons we seek out.  Technically this is not Demonic Possession, at least not in the strictest sense.  Most of us would be open to such a thing.  What about people who have not gone down the road we have?  Could they have a moment that could be considered “Demonic Possession”?  With the Demons I think anything is possible.  It is not so much that the Demons couldn’t do these things, it is more they don’t usually find the need.  But occasionally they could decide for a more intimate amount of time with us.  This is where the rule “against the person’s will” would come into play.  If the Demons that we work with, talk with, and cultivate knowledge from were to, in their wisdom, decide it was time to attempt this type of communication, would it truly be against our will?  Or could it just be something as simple as a nice surprise?  I know that sounds simple.  Even though it can be a complex subject, depending on how it is looked at.  I think that during some of our rituals or some of our meditation this is something that routinely happens.  One could argue that consent was given a long time ago and is being held as sacred.  Maybe what we need is a different term altogether.  Instead of “possession” maybe something more like “merging”.  That would probably be a more accurate description.  However, I do have to say, the Hollywood version of Possession would have it’s advantages.  Speaking in ancient tongues, without having to study them, bending so far backwards you could make a gymnast jealous, and of course the whole levitation thing.  If all that were possible, most of us would be lining up to sign up for such a thing.  “Merging”.  A much better and probably a more accurate concept.

2 thoughts on “Demonic Possession? Or something else.

  1. Tim Jacobs

    I am curious to know if non-daemninic ‘others’ are also capable of possession again a person’s will, and does possession occur close to open portals? Also can ‘other’s sometimes mimic daemons?

  2. Julie Mahoney

    If I think about what you just wrote it brings to mind ‘channeling’.Some channel E-Ts or Angels or whatever.They lend their bodies and become merged in a sense with these beings.It would be the same with Daemons.Maybe all that throwing up and bending is caused by the fact that the energie of these beings are just too much for them.That thier bodies are in no way used to having all that energy contained in.Most channelers (the real ones) are used to the energy surplus or have worked on their own energies. Therefore they dont have all those side-effects.Plus if the people who have been ‘possesed’ are so saturated with their religios beleifs that all this is sin and evil maybe just that gets them to have all these symptoms.I,like you, wouls more than welcome this experience.Also to let them have this experience would be a pleasure for me.Its a win-win situation if its,of corse,made willingly. I also think that one being can pretend to be another,unless you have been in contact with this being already,then you should feel and know the difference.


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