We have a few new things going on at at the moment!

First — there are a couple of Daemonolatry specific divination card sets now available!  With any luck there will be more in the future.

Second — We are having a big Necromancy event here at from late August/early September to early November. What we’re doing is offering specialty Necromancy Packages to people who want them. These packages have special, limited edition items included in them that, even if you don’t choose to acquire a pre-made package, you may be able to get said items individually IF you reserve/order these things ahead of time so we’re sure to make/order enough for everyone who wants them. or for details.

Third — This also means we have Deluxe special editions of Keys of Ocat available for sale at a discount. If you can’t afford the $85 price tag, contact me about slightly damaged copies and I’ll put you on the list. First come, first serve on those. We don’t know how many damaged copies we’ll have from shipping, or if there will be any.  As always, TTS and List discounts apply.  Funerary priests can contact me for special pricing as well.

That is all at the moment! Thanks for reading!