Emotional Preparation

I’m convinced a lot of the failure in magick is due to the lack of emotional preparation on the part of the magician. In this I mean that the magician is either ready for the answers or changes the magick is meant to impart, or (s)he isn’t.

For example: Perhaps the magician seeks to become wealthy. However, wealth, for many of us, requires a far different mindset than continuing on the current path we may be on.

In instances like this, this is where preparation begins. The magician needs to find not only the willpower to manifest the change, but also needs to deeply analyze his/her self, habits, and emotion about a situation before (s)he seeks to change it.

We’ve all heard time and time again that it can take numerous tries before one is able to quit smoking or break a bad habit. Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to experience this yourself. That’s because those numerous tries cause a person to seek out their real motivations and to find that one thing that will help them change their life for the better. Weight loss works much the same way. People may have to try numerous times before they’re able to change the habits that caused them to gain weight to begin with.

Now let’s apply this to our example of wealth. Just like it can take many tries to learn how to break a bad habit, it can take us numerous tries to learn how to save money, or make money.

All things worth doing are worth doing well. It’s very unlikely that you’re going to work magick and suddenly a few billion dollars is going to fall into your lap. Instead, magick often works in more subtle ways by presenting the magus with opportunities. Whether or not you take those opportunities, or can recognize them for the opportunities they are, is part of the process where emotional readiness is imperative.

If your self-esteem lacks, you may not apply for the manager’s position that pays more. You may shy away from the suggestion that you publish that book. If you fear failure, you may react the same way to opportunity. Additionally, if you have fear, you may shy away from a more aggressive portfolio, instead going for more conservative investments that won’t net as much in the long run. You may find your willpower lacks when it comes to saving money to buy something and hence you always find yourself in debt. There are, literally, hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of reasons wealth magick, and other magicks, may not work for someone and it all starts at that emotional level.

The universe is mental and we do create our own realities.

So the next time you plan magick to manifest anything in your life, give your emotional preparation the same consideration (if not more) as the ritual itself. You may just find a different level of success.

2 thoughts on “Emotional Preparation

  1. Mage

    Nicely said.

    Reminds me of the person who does some magick to get work, then sits at home and watches TV all day, unplugs the phone and doesn’t answer the door. How is the magick supposed to manifest? LOL

    I always love reading what you write and hope you are well.

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