Genealogy and Magic

I was looking back at my posts and realized I never filled anyone in with why I suddenly fell off the Earth. The pain I was trying to pray away definitely needed a little extra boost from science and modern medicine. I know my limits and I needed to concede. I ended up having my gallbladder removed in June. Then in July my grandmother passed away.

It has me heavily considering my family roots. While she was still alive I traced her family back to the early 1800s, now I’m stuck in the late 1700s. How big of a role do you think family blood plays in magic? Do you need to be the son of powerful magicians to be powerful? Do you need to be a go-getter with a strong will and good work ethic?

I think that genealogy gives you a base to work from but that strong will and work ethic is required to make anything of it. In my case I come from a shaky line of psychics on my father’s side, but I haven’t delved too far into that side of my family. If anyone in my immediate family has any sort of latent psychic ability it’s my brother. My mother’s side is what’s more interesting. I’ve found connection to Spanish settlers in Mexico. It’s a well known fact that when Spanish settlers came to the Americas they mingled with the people here to make mestizos – part European, part native American children.

I am highly interested in trying to figure out which tribe(s) my mother’s family mixed with and learning about the types of magic they employed. I have a feeling if I find something it may be a great source of inspiration and new techniques. My grandmother told me she’s Mayan, but the family tree doesn’t prove anything to that claim. Yet. I’m only as far back as the 1700s. Just some food for thought. Have any of you delved into your genealogy to find out your potential magical legacy? Or are you of the opinion that we shape our own abilities solely of our own volition?

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  1. RIchard

    As a genealogist myself with 25+ years of research experience, I have often wondered about using necromancy as a conduit to the ancestors. I am not skilled in séance or channeling. Its still an interesting avenue for me to consider.

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