Goal setting time

It is that time of year, to test your willpower in keeping a goal going for a year or dropping a habit.

I’ll like to add a few things before you the reader go off into a mantra of completing your goals.

First)  Is it realistic?   Are you pledging your blood every morning and evening for your patron?  You think realistically is that manageable?  Or meditating morning and evening time? Is that going to work in your schedule if you have to be up at 3am for work?    Start off small and then go big if you can manage it, is my advice.

Second)  Is it something you want to do for yourself, or is it what you think you should do?   That sounds pretty simple.  Do you really want to learn how to do magick squares cause it really excites you, or do you want to learn it cause its expected of you to know cause you are a magick practitioner.  Are you doing this to impress someone?  Oh look at me I can preform the Rose Cross flawlessly, or recite all of the 9’s enns with no error, I’m really cool…

Third) I call it the rule of 3.  It has to be done 3 times in a role to give it a good start.  Its my superstition.  For example, I meditate every night  for 3 weeks.. a very good start.. but opps I was to tired to meditate on monday, but you know what I’ll do it tomorrow night and I’ll be back on it every other night with no problem.  If you can get a good solid 3 weeks with it, or 3 of something your on a good start.

Ok thats short..





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